Grishaeva, Priluchny, Buinov about the terrible sign before the death of Puskepalis: “An invitation came to the premiere, where Seryozha played the angel of death!”

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Nonna Grishaeva says that the day before the death of her boyfriend, she received an invitation to the premiere of the film “The Tailor from Brooklyn”, where Sergei played the angel of death. Photo: Nonna Grishaeva tele telegram channel

Farewell to the actor and director Sergey Puskepalis takes place on September 22 in Yaroslavl. Sergey Puskepalis has been the artistic director of the Yaroslavl Drama Theater since 2019. Volkov, where a civic memorial service begins at 10:00 am. Actor died in an accident Sept. 20 The comrades and colleagues of the honored artist cannot believe in the tragedy, for many of them have seen or spoken to each other recently, made plans for the future. Artists in telegram channels publish memories of Sergei Puskepalis, who died so early – he was only 56 years old.

Nonna Grishaeva the day before the death of a friend, she received an invitation to the premiere of the film, where Puskepalis played one of the main roles. Grishaeva turned to her colleague: “Seryozha, it’s hard for me to breathe … I can’t believe it. I just got an invitation to see you at the premiere of The Tailor of Brooklyn, where you can see the angel of the played dead What is this – a terrible coincidence or what! Why does he take the best?! You were so warm and simple and real You didn’t have those qualities inherent in male artists You were a real man A man with a capital letter! Dedicated to the profession! An actor with his own unique organic elements. I can’t imagine how your soul is running around now, realizing that the theater has become orphaned. Painful, sad, scary Sergei, God rest your soul. Condolences to your family, you will remain in my heart forever.”

Alexander Buynov barely controls his emotions either: “Well, why, why did the Lord take him so early?! A brilliant actor, artistic director of the Yaroslavl Drama Theater and just a nice, very nice person. He collected many different and necessary things for our boys fighting in the NMD, got into the car, the driver drove into the oncoming lane… Let’s not forget the great actor and Man. Russia rests on such men. Thank you for being, thank you for being…”

Stas Sadalskic on the eve of the death of a colleague, I watched a film with his participation: “Only tonight I saw the film” Immortals “, where his hero dies at the end of the film. What a tragic coincidence! He was a good actor and a decent person, sincere condolences to his family and friends.So talented, sincere in his work and life!Rest in peace, true son of your Homeland, the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth rest in peace!

Pavel Priluchny starred with Puskepalis in the films “Happiness is …” and “The Yellow Eye of the Tiger”: “I was lucky enough to perform with him – a talented actor and an impeccable professional in his field. And he was a great person with a capital letter.

Yana Poplavskaya recalls that Sergey Puskepalis was not only a talented person, but also an incredibly educated, dignified and successful person everywhere: “What a real person he was both in life and on the screen and on the theater stage – not a drop of a lie! How much he helped, how much he succeeded and how much more he could have done… Somewhere inside everything shrinks for misunderstanding and pain What a short life…

Konstantin Khabensky after the performance at the Moscow Art Theater, he went on stage and honored the memory of his colleague with a minute of silence, addressing the audience: “Our friend, comrade, colleague, a brilliant actor and director, a very warm person , a whole person Seryozha Puskepalis, died tragically. He worked in this theater. He was an assistant to Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. His performances continue here and it is going very well. That’s how it happened. Let’s take a moment of silence to remember him…”

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