Halftime operation from Fenerbahçe! Martinelli replaces Miha Zajc.

There are hot developments about Miha Zajc in Fenerbahçe. The Slovenian star will be allowed to sell in January if he resists extending the contract. The yellow and dark blue staff chose Martinelli, who played in Fluminense, as Zajc’s alternative. The first contact was made with the manager of 21-year-old Sambacı. Here are the details… | Last minute Fenerbahce news (FB sports news)

Fenerbahce News Release Date: 23.11.2022- 06:40

Fenerbahce, is preparing to sign an important operation during the interim transfer period in January. According to the news of Calendar, who is living in the last year of his contract and has not signed a new contract yet. Miha ZajcIn case of leaving the team Torch management took action for the Brazilian central midfielder. Yellow-Navy Staffs fluminenseThe 21-year-old central midfielder, who played in . However, this transfer will still be based on Zajc’s final decision.


To Zajc, who did not extend the contract Italy and GermanyIt is stated that there are offers from . If Zajc’s decision is negative, Fenerbahçe management will contact the club after Martinelli’s manager. Out of center midfield front libero and 10 The market value of 21-year-old Martinelli, who also played in the numbered positions, is around 4 million Euros.

All over the midfield

Martinelli, who is 21 years old and 1.76 meters tall, plays in the central midfield. When necessary, he can also play in the front libero and ten positions. In addition to his technical capacity, he is also known for his combative identity.

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