Harsh sentence for Vox insults Irene Montero

Condemnation of Madrid (EFE) by the government led by its President Pedro Sánchez and leftist parties.

The episode took place during a debate over the budget of the Ministry of Equality, in turn a press secretary, when Toscano, calling Montero a “liberator of rapists”, accused her of daring to “offend the entire judiciary”, and He made this allusion. Pablo Iglesias.

After these words, MPs PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, Bildu and CUP began to beat on the bench and shout “not everything goes” or “goes out”, while Vox representatives applauded Toscano, demanding “freedom”. The PP, for its part, remained aloof from the cell incident.

First vice-president of the Congress Bureau Alfonso Rodríguez Gomez de Celis, acting president at the time, called the deputy to order and announced that Toscano’s words would be removed from the journal of the meeting.

Severe condemnation of the government and the left for Vox's insults to Irene MonteroSevere condemnation of the government and the left for Vox's insults to Irene Montero
Minister for Equality Irene Montero (d) and Minister for Social Rights and Agenda 2030 Ione Belarra (i). EFE/Zipi

But Montero, visibly moved and with tears in her eyes, demanded that “the political violence committed at the moment in the place of popular sovereignty” be included in the minutes of the session, so that “it will not be erased” even after she “do not come” .

“So that everyone remembers this and so that everyone knows that we feminists and democrats are bigger and we are going to stop this gang of fascists with more rights,” added Montero, who received a long applause from the parliamentarians before leaving the hall excited.

This fact caused a cascade of reactions on Twitter and in the United We Can Congress, the ERC and in the socialist wing of the government, as well as from Pedro Sanchez.

“We are together against sexist violence. Denying it is the way to do it. To put her on the podium of Congress is to cross an unbearable line. We will move forward with conviction and determination. All my support, Irene Montero,” the chief executive wrote on the social network.

Severe condemnation of the government and the left for Vox's insults to Irene MonteroSevere condemnation of the government and the left for Vox's insults to Irene Montero
Vox deputy Carla Toscano at the plenary session of the Congress. EFE/ Miguel Oses

The Minister thanked Sanchez for these words and posted: “We are walking together and together to promote feminist rights, more democracy and social justice. With conviction and determination.”

In the midst of the debate over budgets, the Minister for Integration and Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, showed his “absolute solidarity” with the “absolutely unusual suspensions that took place a few minutes ago in this room.”

Consumption Minister Alberto Garzon described the words of the Vox MP as a “shameful attack” and wrote on his social media account: “Today, the extreme right once again demonstrated its toxicity, its hatred of feminism and human rights. women, as well as its incompatibility with the basic principles of democracy.”

On the same social media, Education Minister Pilar Alegria stated: “Hatred, noise and insults do not mislead us, we continue to build a better, more egalitarian and more feminist country.”

And copyright holder Ione Belarra wrote on the social network, referring to Montero: “You are an example, partner. You are huge and you are making history. Always by your side.”

“This is how you talk to fascists. Brava,” Pablo Iglesias wrote on the same social network.

Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz felt that “it is unacceptable for courageous insults and attacks to be uttered” against Montero, and added that “not everything is fair in politics” because Spain is “much better than a party of hatred”.

“The attacks and insults that my government partner and minister Irene Montero received today in Congress from the retrograde and brutal right are unacceptable. All my support and solidarity,” Finance Minister Maria Jesus Montero wrote.
For his part, ERC congressional spokesman Gabriel Rufian said: “Damn the fascists who speak and the cowards who remain silent.”

Government spokesman Isabel Rodriguez conveyed “all” her solidarity to Montero and said that the Vox MP’s words were “an insolent disgrace” and that “we are not going to tolerate political violence against women.”

For his part, Vox congressional spokesman Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros attacked Montero as he believes “one who accuses violence is one who incites violence” because Podemos “is violence”, and pointed out that Montero’s comrades in the ranks reproached Toscano at the time of using his word: “Shame!” he exclaimed.

PP after insulting Vox Montero: respect is essential in politics

The NP congressional spokesman Cooka Gamarra assured this Wednesday that no one has the right to insult Equality Minister Irene Montero and interfere in her private life: “respect is necessary in politics,” she said.

He wrote this on his Twitter account after Vox MP Carla Toscano, during a debate on the equality budget in the plenary session of Congress, Montero said that his “only merit” was “an in-depth study of Pablo Churches.”

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