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The recent visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Yerevan and her criticism of Azerbaijan caused not only the expected dissatisfaction of official Baku, but also confusion among observers.

Demarch Pelosic

So far, experts say bilateral relations have been good rather than neutral (although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regularly “expressed concern” when the authorities in Azerbaijan took steps to suppress the opposition). In addition, the United States, along with France and Russia, were until recently co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. Do the visit to Armenia and Pelosi’s statements mean that Washington’s policy on Baku is changing? Analysts interviewed by DW think not and caution not to underestimate what happened.

The Armenian city of Vardenis after shelling by the Azerbaijani army, September 14, 2022Photo: Alexander Patrin/Tass/dpa/photo alliance

Recall that on September 18, 2022, upon arrival in Yerevan for a visit, Nancy Pelosi stated that “we, on behalf of Congress,” condemn “illegal and deadly attacks by Azerbaijan”endangering the prospect of the implementation of peace agreements, as well as “encroachments on the sovereignty of Armenia”.

For example, she actually blamed Azerbaijan for the bloody clashes on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on September 13, which in Baku were called “a response to a “large-scale provocation” from Yerevan, and in Armenia – an invasion by Azerbaijan.

It’s all about congressional elections. Or not just in them?

In Azerbaijan, Pelosi’s accusations sparked outrage in society and the media, and called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs their “baseless and unjust”. The official version of the Azerbaijani side is as follows: Pelosi is simply trying to win the sympathy of the Armenian lobby in the United States on the eve of the Congressional midterm elections, which will be held on November 8.

Nancy Pelosi’s statements caused great discontent in BakuPhoto: picture-alliance/dpa/D. Tanecek

Many political scientists in Baku agree with this explanation. According to them, Pelosi and the Democratic Party in general “play on the emotions” of voters (in this context, the Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan), and these domestic political tricks have nothing to do with US foreign policy. Yet it is not just about the elections, political analyst Ahmed Alili believes, there are other reasons: “After the 44-day (Second Karabakh. – Red.) of the war, the United States turned out to be on the sidelines to resolve this conflict, losing the opportunity to influence events and trying to bring it back in every possible way.”

And his colleague Ilgar Velizade fears Washington’s desire to use Armenia in the course of its confrontation with Russia and China will cost the region dearly: “If the United States manages to play the Armenian card, so can Azerbaijan.” “, Georgia, Turkey in an arena of military confrontation. For our region, this is fraught with serious damage and very questionable dividends. Do we need it? No, of course.”

Both experts note that as a result of Pelosi’s “intemperance”, Azerbaijani society is now deeply offended by the USwhich could lead to alienation and prevent the cultural rapprochement between Baku and the West at such an important historical moment.

Baku does not have enough gas

Eldar Mammadov, political adviser to the Social Democratic Group in the European Parliament, disagrees that Nancy Pelosi’s statements are explained solely by “selfish” election objectives. In his view, what she said fits well with the position the United States has taken and stated in support of democracies against autocracies. Another thing is that, according to Mammadov, Washington used to not allow itself such sharp and unequivocal criticism of Baku, but now suddenly it does, and that probably means that Azerbaijan has gone too far in the eyes of the United States.

According to observers, one of Baku’s main assets, through which it can hope that the West will not go against Azerbaijan in any case, is the export of gas, which Europe now urgently needs against the background of a sharp drop in supplies from Russia. But according to Mammadov, the significance of this factor is somewhat exaggerated: “Amounts of gas Baku can provide, the Russians will not be able to compensate. In addition, the supply of Azerbaijani gas is still only planned. So withdraw to appease Ilham Aliyev, turn a blind eye to human rights violations by his regime, and have no conflict with Armenia (for the West. – Red.) does not make any sense.

Nevertheless, the experts interviewed by DW agree that relations between Washington and Baku will not deteriorate radically, if only because the United States will not complicate the situation in the region for itself, when Russia can finally get out of influence. achieved.

Anthony BlinkenPhoto: Raquel Cunha/REUTERS

Indirect confirmation of this prediction is Meeting of United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Azerbaijan and Armenian Foreign Ministers, Jeyhun Bayramov and Ararat Mirzoyan, in New York on September 20. And while nothing major was said during these negotiations, analysts took them as evidence that the United States intends to regain the role of mediator in the settlement. conflict in Karabakh. Blinken urged his interlocutors to meet again before the end of September.

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