He beat his girlfriend in the car and drove to death! Witnesses spoke

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He beat his girlfriend in the car and drove to death!

A lawsuit was filed against automobile driver Recep Y. (21) with an 11-year prison sentence on the charge of ‘consciously negligent killing’ in the accident where his lover, Vocational School of Justice student Mümine Ersoy (21) who decided to break up with him, lost his life.

According to the news of DHA, it was stated in the indictment that Recep Y. had an argument with Mümine Ersoy while the vehicle was driving and beat him and the door was open.


The family, who did not complain about the driver, but learned in the minutes that their daughter Mümine Ersoy was battered in the car before the accident and that when she opened the door to get out, she was prevented from getting out of the vehicle, the family also demanded that Recep Y., who is under house arrest, be punished in the most severe way.

Mümine Ersoy, who is a second year student at the Vocational School of Justice at a private university, living with her mother Şeyma Özmutlu in the Döşemealtı district, celebrated the 3rd year of their relationship with her lover Recep Y. on August 21. Mümine, whom Recep Y. gave a teddy bear with her photographs as a gift, decided to leave on 30 August. Mümine Ersoy, who deleted the photos she took with Recep Y. from her social media account, spent time outside with her girlfriends with the permission of her mother Şeyma Özmutlu that same evening. Accepting Recep Y.’s request for a meeting at night, Ersoy got into his lover’s car, which he decided to leave in front of his apartment.


After wandering around with the car for 10 minutes, the car used by Recep Y. crashed into the parked car and somersaulted. Mümine Ersoy, who was thrown from the car, lost her life and the driver, Recep Y., was injured.

Mümine Ersoy’s mother Şeyma Özmutlu did not complain about Recep Y. because she did not know how the accident happened. Father Mehmet Ersoy and mother Şeyma Özmutlu buried their daughters in Bucak district of Burdur.


His family, who read the minutes of the accident and the testimony of the eyewitness, stated that Mümine Ersoy was hit in the car before the accident, and when she opened the door to get out, she was prevented from getting out of the vehicle; From the police report at the scene of the accident, he learned that Mümine was thrown 10 meters after the car hit the parked car and died on the road. After the testimony of the eyewitness and the police report, Mehmet Ersoy searched the security camera footage of the estates and apartments in the region to gather more evidence about the death of his daughter.


Eyewitness Mustafa Ö. said that while he was waiting with his car at the traffic light at the junction at the entrance of Palmiye Caddesi on Akdeniz Boulevard, Mümine Ersoy and Recep Y. had an argument in the car next to him, and that Ersoy was beaten by his friend when he opened the car door and tried to get out. The witness stated that when the green light came on at the intersection, the car was moving rapidly with the door open and the accident occurred 1 kilometer later.


In his statement to the police after the accident, Recep Y. said that he did not argue with Mümine Ersoy, listened to loud music and did not remember the accident, and gave a similar statement at the prosecutor’s office. In his statement before the magistrate’s court on duty, Recep Y. stated that the accident occurred when he lost control of the vehicle while he and Mümine Ersoy were listening to music while driving. Recep Y. said, “I didn’t argue with my girlfriend. I didn’t beat her. While we were waiting at the red light, Mümine opened the vehicle’s door. When the green light came on, she closed it again, and we continued on our way.”

Antalya 4th Criminal Court of Peace decided that Recep Y. was taken under judicial control and placed under house arrest for the crime of ‘causing death by negligence’.


Recalling that in the indictment prepared by the Antalya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the incident, in the autopsy report, it was stated that Mümine Ersoy died as a result of brain tissue damage with open skull bone fractures and said, “Since the suspect had to argue with the victim while the vehicle was driving and it was necessary to predict that the accident could happen with the door open, the action was ‘consciously negligent’. It is understood that the suspect committed the crime of putting traffic safety at risk by arguing while the vehicle was driving and acting with the door open. An 11-year prison sentence was requested for Recep Y., who was also stated to have beaten Ersoy before the incident.


The family’s lawyer, Mustafa Alper Oral, said that they would demand an extension of the investigation during the court process where Recep Y. will be tried for the crimes of ‘consciously negligent manslaughter’ and ‘endangering traffic safety’. Oral stated that they would like to investigate the statement of the girlfriends that Mümine Ersoy went out with on the night of the accident and the detailed analysis of the duo’s mobile phone recordings and security cameras. “We have determined that the incident was not a simple traffic accident. We want the investigation to be deepened. It was prevented from getting out of the vehicle. There are security camera recordings and eyewitnesses of this. A similar incident happened until 1 month before the accident. We demand the return of the indictment and the deepening of the investigation. We continue our legal struggle with the aim of depriving the person of his liberty, intentionally injuring and filing a lawsuit for possible intent. ‘ he said.

“It’s like you’re mine OR YOUR BLACK SOIL”

Anne Şeyma Özmutlu demanded that Recep Y., whom she held responsible for her daughter’s death, be punished in the most severe way. Özmutlu said, “We thought we lost our daughter in a traffic accident. I didn’t even complain. The case was different. My daughter wanted to get off on the road. There was an accident while driving with the car door open. My daughter passed away. I was very sad after learning about this. I want justice to be served. It was recorded as death by negligence, this was deliberate or deliberate. ‘Either you are mine or the black soil’ “There is a situation like saying. There are no brake marks at the accident site,” he said.

Explaining that her daughter was known for her lively and smiling face, Özmutlu said, “She wanted to become a lawyer. She had many goals. She did not deserve death. She broke up on the day of the accident, they had an argument. She went out with her girlfriends. She was picking up my daughter at night, she was speeding. When my child wanted to get off, he grabbed her by the arm and hit her.” .


Father Mehmet Ersoy, on the other hand, spoke as follows: “He attacked my daughter and proceeded with the door of the car open. The door opened and closed twice on the road. He turned the vehicle to the left without pressing the brake, and then rolled over 4 times after hitting the parked vehicle. Why did he not allow my daughter to get off? “I think he killed her. I will defend my daughter’s rights. My daughter was studying justice. I want justice for her until the end.”

The trial of Recep Y. will begin in the 31st Criminal Court of First Instance in the coming days.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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