He shot his uncle in the middle of the street.

He shot his uncle in the middle of the street.

The incident occurred at around 16.30 in Çirikpınar Neighborhood of Battalgazi district.

Allegedly, when the uncle and nephew, with whom they had enmity, met on Turgut Temelli Street, the nephew named SY opened fire on his uncle TY (46) with a pistol.

According to the news of İHA, while TY was wounded by bullets in various parts of his body, the suspect fled away from the area.

While the police and medical teams were sent to the scene upon the notice, the injured person Malatya He was taken to the Training and Research Hospital.

While the teams investigating the crime scene found 5 empty cartridge cases, it was learned that TY, who was treated at the hospital, was in danger of life.

The work started by the teams to catch the suspect of the incident continues.

The photo was served by the UAV.

By Peter Kavinsky

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