He started the World Cup with a show! Fenerbahce’s Enner aspires to Valencia

Fenerbahce transfer news: There was a hot development in Enner Valencia, who managed to attract attention with the performance he showed in the yellow-dark blue team this season. The Brazilian press announced that Internacional aspires to the 33-year-old star, whose contract with Fenerbahce will expire. Here are the details… ( / Foreign News / Bora SALGIN)

Bora Outbreak| Fenerbahce News Release Date: 23.11.2022- 18:48

Fenerbahce‘s Ecuadorian star Enner Valenciawith its country in 2022 Train World He scored 2 goals against Qatar in the first match of the Turkish Cup. The 33-year-old star became the agenda of the world press with his performance. EcuadorA flash transfer claim was made for Valencia, who was declared a hero in .

Brazil according to the news in the press Yuri AlbertoHaving trouble with goal lanes since selling . internacionalHis contract with Fenerbahçe will expire Enner ValenciaHe wants to add to his staff. It was stated that the Brazilian team wanted to sign the 33-year-old striker at the end of the season.

Enner Valencia played 23 games for Fenerbahce this season and showed 17 goals and 4 assists. Super Leaguein both EuropeHe had a significant share in his success in .

Here is the news in the Brazilian press…

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