Here is the latest situation of Enner Valencia, who was injured in the Qatar – Ecuador match…

Enner Valencia, who scored 2 goals against Qatar in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup and was stuck on an offside goal, was injured in the last parts of the match and had to leave the game. Enner’s coach shared the latest status of his player.

News News Release Date: 21.11.2022- 15:44

2022 World Cup in the opening match TrainEnner who scored 2 goals and scored 1 offside ValenciaHe was injured in the last part of the match and had to leave the game. This development Fenerbahce frightened his fans.

Valencia, whose knee was treated with ice on the bench, said the following about his injury after the match: “After the doctors examine me, we’ll see what I have. Holland I hope to be on the field in the game.”


Ecuador Technical Director Gustavo Alfaro He also gave information about Valencia’s injury. “I’m sure he will be on the field in the Netherlands game,” Alfaro said. “I will play him even with one leg. The first name I will write to my starting 11 is Valencia,” said Alfaro.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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