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On the eve of Mother’s Day, the site for parents Children (UK project) conducted a survey and found out how much time Russian mothers spend on everyday life and caring for children – and how much time they have for themselves.

69% of mothers work full-time in an office

Most Russian mothers – 69% – work in offices. 16% do not work at all. The rest have a temporary part-time job (6%), work remotely (6%) and have their own business (3%). So most of the time for mothers in Russia is still going to work.

60% of mothers help children with homework

Most of the respondents are parents of schoolchildren, so we asked how many hours a day they spend helping their child with homework. 30% of respondents stated that they do not help children with homework. 22% of the respondents spend an hour to two on it. 18% – less than an hour. 12% – from two to three hours. 8% spend more than three hours helping with lessons. And 10% of respondents found it difficult to answer this question.

A third of mothers communicate with children for less than an hour a day

A third of the respondents (33%) say they spend one to two hours a day communicating with their child. 28% of Russian mothers spend less than an hour with their children. The answers “From two to three hours” and “More than three hours” were about evenly split – 12% and 12% respectively. 5% of respondents admitted that they do not work with the child at all during the day. 10% found it difficult to answer this question.

At the same time, most mothers like to watch cartoons with their children (13%), read to their child (13%) and play with them (11%).

The unloved activities of Russian mothers are trips with a child to doctors (23%) and help with homework (19%). At the same time, 12% of respondents said that they enjoy all parental responsibilities, and 2% of respondents, on the contrary, admitted that they do not feel pleasure in doing parental duties.

65% of mothers spend 1 to 3 hours every day on household chores

A third of the respondents (34%) spend about an hour a day on household chores. About the same number (31%) spend 2-3 hours on it every day. 24.8% of Russian mothers spend more than three hours a day cleaning, cooking and other household chores. 6% of the respondents manage to do everything in less than an hour. Only 1% said they did not do any household chores at all. 4% of respondents found it difficult to answer.

It turns out that Russian mothers spend more time on household chores than on talking or playing with children.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at