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Acquisition of Figma and the problem of launching Genie from different angles

It was big week for the customer experience market, where two big players in the marketing tool space are taking steps to take an idea to the next level. A couple of steps taken together can bring the customer experience closer to reality after a long period of ambition.

“Customer Experience” is some vague concept. The idea is that you want your customers to feel good every time they interact with you, whether in person or online. Of course, you know when it doesn’t work, but it can be more subtle than just a big smile on your face or a successful result on the Internet. It’s more about taking the extra step to get ahead of problems before they happen, or designing the product in an elegant way to reduce friction.

It seems that with all the data we have on customers these days, companies should be doing better at creating positive experiences. In fact, there is so much data from so many sources that companies like Adobe and Salesforce, created customer data platforms (or CDP for short) to collect all this data in one place with the goal of delivering an optimal customer experience based on the knowledge you have gathered about the customers.

The two largest companies involved in the collection and use of this data are Salesforce and Adobe. While Adobe doesn’t have a CRM, it definitely does have marketing tools, and his purchase of Figma for $20 billion it was all about developing great products that should ultimately lead to a better customer experience.

Meanwhile at Dreamforce this week, Salesforce’s annual customer conference in San Francisco, the CRM giant announced a new approach to data integration on a platform called Genie. While it works both in conjunction with the platform of tools itself, and with external partners like Snowflake as well as Amazonthe end goal is to use massive amounts of customer data to create the best customer experience at the moment it is needed.

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