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You are a tough city person. You already perfectly mastered the technique of getting on the bus, you know how to put a seller who does not give a discount, and you finally learned to say: “I don’t know where to go.” But do you still get goosebumps at the thought of going to the countryside? Calm! The TNT channel has already arranged your trip to your grandmother and collected all the lifehacks about survival in the outback, based on the comedy series “BEETLE-3”.

a. Eat right

It’s no secret that in the countryside the air is cleaner and the food is healthier. To survive in a real Russian village, you need to eat real Russian vitamins. Be sure to refresh yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables without store-bought chemicals to boost your immune system! Look, what a fine fellow district police officer Maslov – he arranged for himself an unplanned apple rescue!

2. Get to know the local district

Remember – in the village you can only rely on the law. To feel safe, you need to know where the nearest police station is. The police officer will certainly help and protect you!

3. Don’t forget to take care

As we mentioned, the countryside has unspeakably clean air and wholesome food. But this in no way cancels the “urban” skin care in ten steps! Be sure to take care of beauty supplies in advance. For example, Dan decided to treat himself to an artisan mud mask and a mud wrap at the same time. That’s why Dan doesn’t need makeup artists, his skin is already glowing.

four. Find a place to sleep

Find a safe place to sleep to recuperate after a hard day without pumpkin latte. It should be comfortable enough in size, airtight and watertight. There is no hairdresser in the village, so make sure to save your hair beforehand! Case in point: Nikita and Maslov didn’t read our lifehacks and quickly changed their image. And change, as we know, is not always for the better…

5. Don’t stay alone

After all, any problem can be solved with the help of friends! Be sure to come to the village in the company, and the experience of visiting the hinterland will always be positive. But remember the lifehacks, okay?

Watch the final season of the series “BEETLE-3” on December 5 at 8:00 PM on TNT!

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