How the Kremlin’s subsidy guzzlers are fighting Ukraine || Kherson overcomes the effects of the occupation

Today TsZhR can record the liberation of Kherson. Kherson, freed from the Russian occupation, without electricity, water, communication, under enemy attack, is slowly but surely returning to normal life. And the whole country helps the people of Kherson in this. Deploy several points of Internet access in the city so that you can turn it on today from the streets of Kherson, where our correspondent is now Oleg Baturinfrom which we get the latest news.

Also in the program we will mention Russian public organizations – Kremlin grants, which, with the money of President Putin’s fund, convert residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine to the “Russian world”, justify aggression, prepare Ukrainian children for service in the Russian army and help deport Ukrainians to Russia.

The Putin Foundation for Presidential Grants has announced the winners of the competition, which was formally attended by non-governmental organizations. The vast majority of projects are somehow related to Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, or, to follow the Russians’ deceptive news, to a special military operation. In fact, millions of presidential grants are provided to Russian citizens and their public associations, ensuring their participation in the so-called SVO. What is this activity? Watch the video for more details.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at