How they inform during mobilization in Russia: answers to the most important questions

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The notification is handed over personally.

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– Personal only! They can take it home: an employee of the military registration and recruitment office, who is usually accompanied by a local police officer, calls at the door. The latter can be sure that you are home from the entrance cameras and has the right to enter any room according to the law. Another option – they can hand over the counter-signing subpoena to their parents or (perhaps even solemnly) hand it over at work – through the company’s board of directors.

If the subpoena was simply dropped in the letterbox or placed under the door, it will not be considered delivered.


– Two options: if you did it out of ignorance of the laws – administrative responsibility, and if on purpose – criminally, according to Article 328 of the Criminal Code – evasion of military duty. It threatens with a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to 2 years.


– By law, if the mobilization is announced, yes. The reserve within 4 days is required to appear at the military registration and recruitment office according to the mobilization order (they are registered in the military ID – from 19 to 24 pages).

But now only ‘partial mobilization’ has been introduced in Russia. It concerns the appeal of 300,000 people. Only one-hundredth of the storage spaces in the mobilization reserve.

As KP.RU was told in one of the military registration and recruitment offices in Moscow, the reservists had already been preliminarily selected on the basis of the map file – on the basis of age, army experience and the specialty required for the special operation. They will be summoned.


– As soon as you register at a new place of residence – of course. The same goes for work: information about you ends up in government databases.

But they won’t look for you. By law, any citizen who is conscript must register himself with the local military registration and employment office when changing residence. Otherwise – a fine of 500 rubles or an administrative warning. If this did not work – a criminal offense under the same article “Circumvention”.


– They won’t look for you there. But it is impossible to rule out the possibility that you will not receive an order to appear at the military recruitment office on your return. They can do this directly at the border control, where you stand with your suitcase.


– Member of the Human Rights Council Kirill Kabanov told KP.RU that there is such an idea. Proposals are being developed according to which “new citizens” of Russia will be sent to the army for a year. A refusal would entail the deprivation of their Russian citizenship. But this is just a suggestion.

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