Hungary calls for international investigation into war crimes in Ukraine

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Hungary condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine and faces an international investigation into the crimes committed in Ukraine.

Hungarian President Katalin Nowak said this during her speech at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.

“Russia’s war against Ukraine is a constant threat, a risk of danger, not only to the citizens of Ukraine living in the war zone, but to all of us. The threat of escalation is the reason for immediate action. Hungary strongly condemns Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which destroyed peace in Europe. This led to human suffering, enormous destruction. This has serious implications for the world order as a whole,” Novak said.

She noted that since the beginning of this conflict, Hungarians have expressed their support for the victims and provided economic, social and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian civilians forced to flee the war.

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Nowak stressed that Hungary is now undertaking a major humanitarian operation to provide asylum to nearly a million refugees since the start of the conflict.

According to the president of Hungary, war is an evil that affects ordinary people.

“We strongly urge an investigation into war crimes committed against innocent civilians. These crimes must be clearly recorded, investigated and prosecuted by the relevant international institutions. None of the crimes can go unpunished,” Novak emphasized.

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At the same time, she noted that it is necessary to strive for peace, and not for the victory of one of the parties. Novak noted that Budapest is calling for “peace to be a top priority in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine”.

As you know, Hungary has close economic and political relations with Russia and has previously questioned the war crimes committed by the Russians in Ukraine. Budapest also argues that Western sanctions against Russia do not produce results, but only harm the EU countries. Hungary also refuses to provide military aid to Ukraine.

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