I need time to nominate Hladík as minister, Fiala said after a meeting with Zeman Huis


“I have told Mr. President that I need a little more time to submit the proposal for the nomination of Petr Hladík to the president,” Fiala said. According to him, it is necessary to first clarify all ambiguities surrounding the personality of Petr Hladík.

“But the most important thing is that the Ministry of the Environment is led by someone who can devote himself fully to the work,” he explained. In concrete terms, according to him, the new head of the department should not have to devote himself to explaining matters that appear in the media.

He added that it will not be months, but weeks. “I have to trust inwardly that I am presenting a proposal to the President of the Republic that is good for the Czech Republic,” he said.

KDU-ČSL president Marian Jurečka already met with Zeman on Wednesday. He said after the meeting that after the president receives an official request from the prime minister for Hladík’s appointment, he wants to meet the candidate, as he did with all other ministerial candidates. That should happen in the next few days or maybe even the next few weeks, he said. However, Fiala has now said he expects the meeting to take place only after he has submitted his nomination proposal.

As a People’s Party candidate, Hladík was due to replace Anna Hubáčková as head of the ministry at the end of October, but the exchange was interrupted by a raid related to the allocation of city apartments in Brno, during which the police also visited Hladik’s office. The police have not charged him with anything. However, Lidovci then agreed with the prime minister that until Hladík’s role in the case was clarified, Jurečka would be given management of the department.

V4 makes sense, Fiala agreed with Zeman

Fiala Zeman also informed about the meeting of the prime ministers of the V4 countries, which took place in Košice on Thursday. “Today’s meeting was successful from the point of view of all involved. We met after a very long time. We had the opportunity to talk very openly about the issues that have arisen in the meantime,” said Fiala.

He called the clear position of all four states towards Ukraine important. “It was heard from all four prime ministers, whether it be support for Ukraine, including financial aid, or a clear rejection of Russian aggression,” Fiala said. “Mr. President and I agreed that the V4 format has proven itself in the past and that it is worth continuing the meetings despite all the problems that have arisen here,” added Fiala.

According to Fiala, he also spoke to Zeman about supporting the Belarusian opposition. He stated that his government may have succeeded in creating the conditions for the establishment of a Belarusian opposition office in Prague, the opening of which he and the president would like to attend.

Fiala also commented on the topic of possible tax hikes. Deputy Prime Minister Jurečka spoke about this in an interview with MF DNES, according to him it should concern the higher income groups of the population. “Our government has also stated in its program statement that we are not going to increase the tax burden. I am not changing my position,” said Fiala. He says he respects Jurečko’s opinion, the way to consolidate public finances, but in his opinion it leads to something else.


By Peter Kavinsky

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