Igor Oznobikhin collided with a running horse on the set of the show “Heirs and impostors” :: News


The animal was at full gallop at that time.

In the third series, the “heirs” and “imposters” go to the circus, where they have to demonstrate their stunt training. One of the assignments is to ride ten laps on a horse in the saddle, but without a bridle. Dava, as if expecting something to be wrong, decides to decline the number, citing pain in his shoulder. And then Igor Oznobikhin enters the arena. He sits on a horse, but he cannot last long in the saddle. Insurance saves him from a dangerous fall, but just then the actor hanging from a cable collides with the back of his head against a galloping horse – and a few seconds later falls into the arena, unable to get up.

By Peter Kavinsky

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