In 2025, Rosatom will start mass production of batteries for electric vehicles

Why Rosatom?

– In difficult moments, state-owned companies have to take on tasks of national importance, such as the recovery of the Russian car industry. We cannot allow a vacuum in this industry because it employs millions of people, – said Natalya Nikipelova.

According to her, Rosatom has enormous resources and competences for this. In particular, the company RENERA, which is part of the state-owned enterprise, is engaged in energy storage systems. Natalya Nikipelova emphasized that the question is not whether the Russian car industry can be restarted, but what the outcome will be. “It can be done, but it will be more efficient to run tomorrow’s car, not yesterday’s,” she said.

Some time ago, Rosatom announced a competition between Russian territories to determine a place for production. Kaliningrad was chosen from 42 options. A gigafactory is being built here, which will be commissioned in mid-2025. It will provide storage space for 50,000 electric vehicles annually.

Next in line are three more similar factories with the same productivity. As Natalya Nikipelova said, a project is being carried out in Kaliningrad from the very beginning, which can be replicated.

Rosatom does not get hung up on one model and dictates his vision of the traction battery. Everything will depend on the car manufacturers, which means that different product options are possible. By the way, future products have already been distributed to potential consumers.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at