In Afghanistan they beat thirty people. Tlibn punishment for adultery and theft | St


Thirteen people, including a woman, were beaten in front of students, teachers and people at a football stadium in Lgar province on various charges including adultery, theft and forms of corruption, the Supreme Court said on Twitter, adding that two more people were beaten in the eastern province of Laghman.

They were punished with 21 to 39 strokes, the AP agency noted, citing an unnamed individual. According to him, hundreds of people came to Biovn to take photos or video reports.

and the governor of Lgar province invited the venerable scholars, muhidids, stationers, tribal scholars and locals to the stadium for that purpose. The agency informs about twelve people who were beaten by those women and nine men. According to n, he sent invitations to the event via social media.

The most prominent cleric, Tlibnu, this month told the judges to carry out the punishments in accordance with the Islamic first ara. The first confirmed public killing since the restoration of power in Tlibna took place on November 11, when the order sentenced 19 people in this way for tax theft, adultery and house burglary.

Public executions, executions and stoning for common crimes were common during the first period of Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 1996 and 2001, when the US-led invasion ended the power of the radical movement. Last August, in connection with the departure of US and other foreign troops, Tlibn came to power.

In the immediate aftermath, the radical movement pledged to moderate and admit the first women and men. The first limited freedoms, AP pointed out, citing as an example the damage that lasted for six weeks.


By Peter Kavinsky

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