In Berlin, a destroyed tank was allowed to be placed at the Russian Embassy – DW – 10/11/2022

Shot in Ukraine a Russian tank can be temporarily placed at the Russian embassy in Berlin. Such a verdict was handed down on Tuesday 11 October by the administrative court of the German capital, obliging the city authorities to issue an appropriate permit.

Apparently, the tank cannot be placed in front of the embassy on boulevard Unter den Linden, because the sidewalk cannot withstand a 40-ton load, the court said. However, it can be installed near the Russian embassy on Schadowstrasse, in a closed to traffic area, states further. The parties may appeal the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court in Berlin and Brandenburg.

With the initiative to establish wrecked tank The organizers of the Berlin Story Bunker Museum Enno Lenze and Wieland Giebel spoke. In June of this year, the authorities of the central district of Berlin Mitte refused them, explaining their decision by the fact that “people must have died” in the destroyed tank, so its installation is inappropriate. Moreover, as regional officials considered, this action affects the interests of Germany’s foreign policy, therefore permission to carry it out can only be granted with the approval of the federal government. They later argued that the case was not about art and pointed to the risk of problems with pedestrians and traffic due to the expected crowds at the temporary monument.

Court: it’s about freedom of expression

The court ruled that it does not matter whether the given act is art or not, as far as freedom of expression is concerned. According to the judges, any fear of a traffic violation does not prevent the issue of a permit, as the part of the road where the wreckage of the tank will be installed is already closed to vehicles. Since the destroyed tank would only have to stand for two weeks, the installation will not affect the architectural appearance of the district. The judges also noted that considerations of piety and foreign policy interests of Germany do not apply to the “traffic law” under which the district authorities should have considered the application.

Earlier, Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador to Germany spoke out in support of this action. Andrei Melnik. The destroyed Russian military equipment installed in the center of Berlin will give the Germans the feeling of a brutal war of annihilation,” he told Tagesspiegel newspaper.

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