In Kherson, Russians burned their dead in a landfill – The Guardian

Russian invaders burned their dead brothers at the Kherson dump.

This is reported by a Ukrinform correspondent The protector.

It is noted that during the Russian occupation of Kherson, the invaders strictly limited access to the city dump.

Several locals and workers told The Guardian that the reason for the disturbing secrecy was that the occupying forces there had a terrifying new task: to dump and burn the bodies of their brothers there.

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According to local residents, Russian open trucks regularly brought black bags to the dump, which were then set on fire, releasing thick smoke and the smell of burnt flesh.

“Every time our army fired on the Russians, they took the remains to the dump and burned them,” said Irina, a 40-year-old resident of Kherson.

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According to the workers at the dump, the Russians chose the most isolated corner to dispose of the bodies.

The Guardian notes that many Russian flags, helmets and military uniforms can still be found in the dump.

As reported by Ukrinform, Ukrainian forces were brought back under control on November 11 Cherson. In early March, the city was taken by the Russians.

Photo: Alessio Mamo/The Guardian

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