In Lutsk, power to the boiler houses was restored and water was supplied

In Lutsk, from the morning of November 24, power was restored to the boiler houses and water was supplied to the homes of the citizens.

About this Facebook Mayor of Lutsk Igor Polishchuk said, reports Ukrifnorm.

“All boiler houses, except the boiler house on Karbysheva Street, have been healed. Soon it will be warm in the apartments of the residents of Lutsk. The connection of the boiler house on Karbysheva Street will continue. Once it is healed, Residents of Lutsk who subscribe to this boiler house will receive heat in a few hours. All water inlets are healed, the main sewage pumping stations are healed. Water is everywhere,” wrote Polischuk.

According to him, energy technicians primarily work and heal critical infrastructure. Individual microdistricts of the city received electricity last night, some – this morning.

The healing of the town and surrounding villages continues.

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As reported, the day before, due to a massive missile attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure facilities in Lutsk, heat and water supplies were cut off due to lack of electricity.

By Peter Kavinsky

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