In Prague 6 they formed a coalition, the mayor of Kole vystd, Jakub Strek of the ODS | House


On Sunday, the parties signed a memorandum stating that their common goal is to form a coalition. It will have 23 of the 45 representatives. The new leader will be elected by the council, which is likely to hold its first meeting on January 21.

Strek explained that the ODS and KDU-SL initially formed a negotiating bloc with STAN and the Greens, and then, after discussions about the program, chose Prague 6 Sob as the most appropriate partner for it.

She ran for the Prague 6 city council earlier this year and won six mandates, the same as STAN with the support of Zelench. Including the ODS and KDU-SL coalition, it has 11 seats.

Pirti with seven seats, TOP 09 with seven, the ANO movement with eight and Trikolora, the SPD and independent candidates with two seats will sit on the council.

In particular, the current mayor Jakub Strek will become mayor.

We are currently discussing individual positions, but it is highly likely, he said. He added that both in the preparation of the joint program and subsequently in the administration of the city, the full coalition of the party in the past has not led to any delay of representatives.

The coalition will not be stable, especially TOP 09

The post of mayor has been held for the past two election periods by TOP 09, which now ends in the opposition.

As in the previous period, we defended seven mandates. This is one of the best results in the city of Prague, where TOP 09 ran independently, stated the chairman of TOP 09 in Prague 6, Jan Chabr.

He added that he does not consider the planned weak-core coalition a stable choice for an extended period of time and that TOP 09 is not prepared for a postponement role.

In 2018, the Prague 6 election was won by the Klid coalition, made up of TOP 09 and KDU-SL, which won the same ten seats as the ODS. Tet Pirti won nine seats, fourth STAN seven, fifth move YES six and finally the Greens.

TOP 09, KDU-SL, ODS and STAN formed a coalition and Ondej Kol (TOP 09) became mayor. This year, having been elected to the post of mayor in the Chamber of Deputies, he did not aspire to her, he was a candidate for TOP 09 in this place.

By population, Prague 6 is the largest city street in Prague after Prague 4 and Prague 10. Its area is the largest. It includes the cadastral lands of Bevnov, Dejvice, Liboc, Ruzyn, Steovice, Veleslavn, Vokovice, st Bubene and Hradan.


By Peter Kavinsky

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