In the 2022 World Cup, Spain will face Costa Rica in their first match!

World CupSpain, one of the ambitious teams of Turkey, will play their first match in Group E in 2022 Qatar tomorrow. Costa Rica will do with.

Al Thumama StadiumThe referee in the United Arab Emirates will be in the fight, which will start at 19.00 CEST. Mohammed Abdulla will blow the whistle.

The national teams of the two countries have faced each other 3 times in a friendly match before. While Spain won 2 of these matches, 1 match ended in a draw. While Spain scored 9 goals in these matches, they conceded 3 goals.

The other match of the group is Khalifa Stadiumat 16.00 CEST Germany with Japan will be made between


Spain National Teamparticipated in the World Cup 15 times.

Spain, which played 63 matches in the organization’s history, won 30 of these matches, left 15 of them with a draw and 18 with a loss. Spain, which has participated in all of the last 11 tournaments, has scored 99 goals throughout the history of the World Cup, conceding 72 goals in the goal.

in Spain, South Africa 2010 He won his first and only championship at the World Cup held in 2009.


Costa Rica has competed in the World Cup 5 times. First time Italy 1990Costa Rica was the champion of the tournament held in South Korea and Japan in 2002. Brazil and the third Turkey was in the same group. Costa Rica, 2014 BrazilHe reached the quarter-finals with a great success.

Having played 18 matches in the world cups, Costa Rica experienced 5 wins, 5 draws and 8 losses. Costa Rica, who scored 19 goals in these competitions, could not prevent 28 goals in his castle.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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