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july model Median states that in a possible second round of the presidential elections Andrej Babiš and Petr Pavel would advance to the second round. Based on the determined voters coming to the polls, Petr Pavel would win (59.5%). However, almost a quarter of respondents are not sure who and whether they would vote for in the second round.

In the event of a runoff presidential election, which of the following would you vote for? (August 18, 2022) | photo: median

According to their statement, 62.5% of respondents would definitely participate in the presidential election in July 2022. Another 7.5% of respondents are considering voting. 25% of respondents would not go to the presidential election now. and 16.5% say the elections would absolutely not be possible. 5% of respondents have not yet decided whether they will participate in the presidential elections.

Almost two-fifths of the respondents are sure of their participation and the chosen personality in elections. Half of the interviewees are sure of their participation, but do not know who they will vote for. These people have increased again since the last survey.

Andrej Babis maintained the same support as in the previous model (25.5%). It has a lot of support, especially among people over the age of 64, and among those with only primary and secondary school students without a high school diploma.

Support Peter Paul remains at 21%. The choice is most common in people ages 25 to 54. It has the most support among university graduates and among entrepreneurs. It is considered significantly more in men.

Marek Hilser and Danuse Nerudova they had the same public support in July (7.5%). The potential voters of Danuš Nerudová usually have a university education, in the case of Marko Hilšer it is usually a high school education with a high school diploma. Josef Stedula it is mainly supported by students without high school diplomas, retirees and employees.


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