In the Kherson region, “exit district commissions” were used to force participation in fake referendums

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Information is coming from the Kherson region about coercion to participate in the so-called “referendum”, the regional council is urging the residents of Kherson to inform law enforcement authorities of such facts and ensure their own safety.

Yury Sobolevsky, first deputy chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, said this in a conversation with a Ukrinform correspondent, Ukrinform reports.

“The most important thing for us is the safety of our people. If people feel they are in danger, let them do everything they can to save their lives and health,” Sobolevsky said.

In his opinion, if a resident of the region feels that if he refuses to “vote”, it will be dangerous for his life, then his actions will be carried out in a state of emergency so that they have no legal consequences. Such situations should be reported to Ukrainian law enforcement officers as soon as possible.

In general, with regard to establishing crimes in the territory occupied by the Russian Federation, this work, as Sobolevsky emphasized, is constantly carried out by law enforcement agencies. If a person has suffered a crime, he can report it via instant messengers. This also applies to violations of human rights during the so-called “referendum”, if a person believes he has been subjected to psychological coercion or the threat of a weapon.

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He also said information about coercion to participate in the so-called “referendum” comes from several communities in the region.

“It’s just a show of absurdity,” Sobolevsky stressed.

Now the so-called “polling stations” are empty, so the enemy uses “mobile” brigades.

In Kherson, in particular, the so-called “exit district commissions” travel, they were mainly noticed in the market areas. The first deputy chairman of the regional council emphasized that we are not talking about “voter lists”, they just write data from the passport, give a ballot and throw it in the ballot box.

“In some districts of Kherson they are already walking around in gardens, houses, there is already information. And a very large number of messages from the region – they just go, knock on the house, realizing that people are not going to go to the polling stations. When armed people knock on your door, how are you going to refuse them?’ noted Sobolevsky.

At the same time, in his opinion, those who live in apartment buildings have the opportunity not to open the door and pretend no one is home, because the intruders and collaborators will have to bypass a large number of apartments and break doors everywhere they can’t.

“When they came with house searches, it was clear there – they broke the door, but here the situation is different, they have to collect as many ballots as possible, if they didn’t open the door, they move on,” Sobolevsky suggests.

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As reported in facebook In particular, Kherson, political scientist Vladimir Molchanov, was reported on a “door-to-door tour” at a “referendum” in the suburbs of Kakhovka, where two “Russians with machine guns and an aunt with ballots” go from home to House. Who will open – forced to vote.

In Skadovsk, everyone who works “in professional enterprises and organizations” is driven to the so-called “polling stations”. Also, “members of the committees” travel with armed soldiers through the city, the villages of the community and invite people to vote, he said.

“Public” Mayor Alexander Yakovlev.

city ​​council of Kherson facebook urged the residents of the city not to stay near the places where “votes”, if possible, stay at home and not open doors to strangers. At the same time, people are asked to remember that their life and health are of the highest value.

In the future, if citizens are forced to participate in the “referendum”, they are advised to report it to the hotline numbers: Kherson Regional Civil-Military Administration hotline 0800330951; 24-hour crisis hotline of the Ministry for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine – shortened number 1548; hotline of the National Police of Ukraine – 0800 500 202; State Police of the Kherson Region (for messengers) – +380675502274.

As Ukrinform reported, most of the people who agreed to work in the “election committees” for the so-called referendum have already been identified.

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The Kherson Regional Council calls for reporting to the SBU on the actions of Russian aggressors regarding the holding of a “referendum”.

Kherson aide Stremousov previously stated that the region is already preparing for a referendum on accession to Russia, even announcing the outcome.

On March 12, representatives of the Kherson Regional Council, representing the common interests of the territorial communities of the Kherson region, adopted an appeal that the Kherson region is part of a sovereign and unitary Ukraine.

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