In the liberated villages near Liman, the police identified four employees

In the villages liberated from Russian invaders near Liman, in the Donetsk region, police are carrying out stabilization measures and law enforcement officers have already installed four employees.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by Communications Department of the Donetsk Region Police.

“The police are setting up work in the unoccupied villages near Liman. First, the residents were provided with food and supplies together with the Donetsk regional military administration. The demining and counter-sabotage operations continue. reports on the crimes of the occupying forces: kidnapping, looting, persecution of civilians for pro-Ukrainian positions,” the statement said.

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For example, the Russians have been in the village of Rubtsy since April. During the capture of the village, the enemy destroyed 30% of the houses, as well as the entire infrastructure. In the village, the Russians destroyed the fire station, farms, machinery and damaged the horse farm. Now there are 320 people living in the village.

The situation is similar in the village of Koroviy Yar, which was under enemy control for six months, and the village of Yarovaya, which the Russians captured in June. the Russians set up “Grads” near the houses, and when they ran away, they left behind ruins, looted houses, and remnants of ammunition and mine traps.

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After the liberation by the armed forces of Ukraine, police officers were the first to arrive in the settlements with humanitarian cargo – more than 1000 kg of food.

In the village of Rubtsy, a community officer resumed work. The police officer, together with the local authorities and residents, returned the Ukrainian flag to the village council building.

In the liberated villages, the police go through every street and document the war crimes of the Russian Federation. In total, law enforcement officers checked 500 people.

In the early days of the liberation of these villages, four people were identified who were involved in cooperative activities. In particular, information was obtained about the secretary of one of the village councils, who passed data on residents with pro-Ukrainian views to the Russians.

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Police are checking reports of possible abductions of residents by fake law enforcement agencies of the intruder.

In the liberated villages, law enforcement officers are building cemeteries for people who could have died as a result of hostilities, tortured or died of natural causes. Forensic experts will determine the circumstances of each person’s death after exhuming all the bodies.

As Ukrinform reported, the Ministry of Defense officially confirmed on October 1 that the Ukrainian army had liberated five settlements near Liman and surrounded a Russian group.

By Peter Kavinsky

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