In Which Sultan Period and Where Was the Battle of Sazlıdere?

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With the victory by the Ottoman Empire, which caused the establishment of Crusader alliances against the Ottomans in Europe. Where was the Battle of Sazlıdere fought? Significance of the Battle of Sazlıdere why? Here are all the details about the Battle of Sazlıdere…

Between whom was the Battle of Sazlıdere fought?

The Battle of Sazlıdere, which resulted in the conquest of Edirne by the Ottomans; It took place between the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire and Bulgarian forces. resulting in the victory of the Ottoman Empire History of the Battle of Sazlidereis 1361.

Alright, During which sultan’s reign was the Battle of Sazlıdere fought? During the Battle of Sazlıdere in 1361, the sultan on the Ottoman throne was Murad I.

History of the Battle of Sazlidere

Murad I, who ascended to the Ottoman throne after the death of Orhan Gazi; He gathered soldiers from Balıkesir and Bursa and went to Rumelia. As a result of the Ottoman advance in Rumeli, places such as Çorlu, Lüleburgaz and Babaeski were conquered.

After the conquest of Babaeski, when the tekfur in the castle escaped to Edirne, Murad I commissioned Lala Sahin Pasha to set out for Edirne.

Edirne, which was a very important place for the conquest movements of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans, faced the approaching Ottoman danger. The Byzantine Empire and the Bulgarian forces in the region wanted to protect the city together and these two powers came face to face with the Ottoman Empire.

The war that brought the two armies face to face in Sazlıdere in 1361 resulted in the superiority of the Ottoman Empire and the defeated troops retreated to Edirne Castle.

After the Battle of Sazlıdere was won, with Murad I’s arrival in front of the castle, Edirne tekfuru left the castle at midnight and the city was handed over to the Ottoman Empire the next morning.

Alright, Where was the Battle of Sazlıdere fought? Battle of Sazlidere; It took place in the Sazlıdere Valley, approximately 55 kilometers east of SEdirne. Sazlıdere, where the war took place; today it is connected to the Keşan district of Edirne.

Causes of the Battle of Sazlidere

which resulted in the conquest of Edirne by the Ottomans. Causes of the Battle of Sazlıdere can be listed as follows:

  • The Ottoman Empire’s desire to Turkify the region with its conquests in Rumelia.
  • With Murad’s passing to Rumelia in 1359, Edirne was determined as the main target by the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Byzantine Empire and Bulgarian forces want to stop the Ottoman Empire’s advance in the Balkans.

Results of the Battle of Sazlıdere

Rumelian conquest, which was an important stage of the Ottoman Empire’s conquests, Results of the Battle of Sazlidere are:

  • Edirne was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and the city became the new capital of the state.
  • The conquest of Edirne, an important place in the Balkans, paved the way for the conquests of Rumelia.
  • Edirne was used as an important military base for the conquests to take place.
  • The Byzantine Empire’s connection with the Balkans and Europe was cut off and the Byzantine Empire was squeezed into Istanbul.
  • The Ottoman Empire’s victory in the Battle of Sazlıdere and its conquest of Edirne had great repercussions in Europe. These successes of the Ottomans led to the formation of Crusader alliances in Europe.

The Significance of the Battle of Sazlıdere

Significance of the Battle of Sazlıdere; It comes from the conquest of Edirne at the end of the war. With the conquest of the city, the Byzantine Empire was besieged from the west. In addition, from this date on, the city was used as a base in the conquest movements on the Balkans.

The disconnection of the Byzantine Empire from Europe paved the way for the conquest of Istanbul in the future. With the interrupted land connection, the aid expected by Byzantium could never reach Istanbul and this situation facilitated the conquest of Istanbul.

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