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Instagram is giving users the option to upload longer, uninterrupted stories, social networking site TechCrunch confirmed on Friday. Now, when you post a story that is less than 60 seconds long, it won’t be segmented. The company started change testing with select users at the end of last year and has now rolled it out to all users around the world.

“We’re always working to improve the Stories experience,” a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch via email. “Now you’ll be able to play and create stories continuously for up to 60 seconds, instead of being automatically combined into 15-second clips.”

The new change is a welcome addition to the app, probably for users and viewers alike. Users will now be able to post continuous stories that won’t get broken, and on the other hand, viewers will no longer have to constantly tap to watch a long video they don’t really want to see. But this change may also alienate people who liked the simplicity of short, bite-sized stories.

In addition, the ability to post longer continuous stories blurs the lines between stories and videos somewhat, as you now have two options for posting a 60-second video.

As Instagram switches to video, the social network is increasing the time limits for its video products. In June, the company added support for longer Instagram videos up to 90 secondscompared to the previous 60 seconds limit. Instagram also recently made changes to the system that make new video posts shorter than 15 minutes. automatically published as reels.

The changes to Instagram’s video features aren’t entirely surprising given that when Instagram head Adam Mosseri laid out Instagram priorities for 2022, he said the company would double down on video. He even hinted that Instagram will unify all of its video products around videos and continue to develop short products, indicating that we may see the lines between stories and videos blur even more.

All of this is happening as Instagram is chasing TikTok and has even gone so far as to roll it out. TikTok style fullscreen channel which users hated so much that they actually forced the social network go back controversial change. But that doesn’t mean Instagram will stop prioritizing video, as a recent change to Stories indicates the social network is still pretty adamant about being a video-centric platform.

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