Israel Adesanya shares details of Alex Pereira cornerman throwing ‘throat-cutting’ signs at him before fight and how it gave him the ‘vibes’

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While many expected Israel Adesanya to make his sixth successful title defense against Alex Pereira at UFC 281. However, the Brazilian surprised everyone by knocking out Adesanya in the fifth round to claim the middleweight championship of the UFC.

Appearing in a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, “The Last Stylebender” reflects on his recent loss. While reviewing his fight, the Nigerian-born Kiwi also touched on his entry into the octagon.

Adesanya, who is known for his dynamic walk-ins, thinks this is “the most current place” for him:

“It’s one of the most ‘instant’ places you can be. You can’t be anywhere else, but it’s just such… I love that feeling. Especially when I knew when I came on screen…and at one point I just smiled like, ‘Look at this guy,’ that’s cool.”

The former middleweight champion also recalled how, upon entering the octagon, one of Pereira’s team members gave him a ‘throat punch’ sign at the most appropriate moment, instantly doing so.” energized” for combat:

“There’s this movement… One of his coaches behind him was like [throat-slashing], and it was just at the crescendo like the peak of the song, and I was just watching him, he was just standing there, this coach was doing this… and I felt like I was in the movie. .. He gave me the vibe. I just got fed!”

Check out Israel Adesanya recalling his entry into the octagon at UFC 281 below (7:34 mark):

youtube cover

Israel Adesanya discusses potential rematch with Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira have faced each other three times in their careers now. Although Adesanya is a more capable and skilled fighter, “Poatan” got the better of the former champion.

Despite losing three previous encounters to Pereira, Adesanya seems confident in his plans to turn their revenge into a ‘bloodbath’. In the same video, the 33-year-old said that none of his previous defeats against ‘Poatan’ would matter if he beat him in a rematch:

“I made him bleed. To make him bleed… you can kill him. But this one, I want to make a bloodbath of it. This time, if I beat him from bell to bell, 30 minutes of shit , finished him somewhere in between, all these three [past fights] has no importance. Whoever laughs last will laugh the best.”

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Click Here to Watch this Event Live Online for Free!

By Peter Kavinsky

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