It turns out that the highest paid Turkish actor ever was a lawyer

Can Yaman in the series “Early Bird”. Photo: frame from video

The popularity of Turkish actor Can Yaman came after he starred in the TV series “Early Bird”. True, for this role the guy had to work hard: he lost 7 kg and completely changed his image – he cut his hair and shaved off his beard.

In 2018, Yaman received the Golden Butterfly Award for his role in the romantic comedy. A year later – the title of “Man of the Year” according to the glossy edition of GQ. In 2020 – the main role in the series “Mr. Mistake”.

The actor’s fee today, translated into Russian rubles, is about 5.5 million rubles. And he is considered the highest paid actor in Turkey.

But he became them by accident. Can Yaman is a lawyer by training. One day, during a trial, Can’s friend, hearing him speak, exclaimed, “What are you doing in court!? Your place is in the theater! Yaman obeyed him and enrolled in acting classes.

“I don’t want to say ‘handsome’ about myself, because it may seem daring,” says the star of the Turkish TV series. – I think I’m a good person, really, loving. I would also like to call myself modest.”

John is now 32 years old. He starred in six TV series. One of his last works is the role in the Italian film “Purple as the Sea”, where he played with actress Francesca Chillemi, who in the past was the owner of the title “Miss Italy”. Together they were invited to the Venice Film Festival, walked the red carpet in an embrace, which immediately gave rise to talk of a love affair.

But the actors immediately put everything in their place: the beautiful Chillemi is married, and Can, although not deprived of female attention, but, as they say in Turkey, plans to get married soon. True, it is not specified with whom.

Fans of Can are sure that he is only in love with himself. An enviable bachelor spends hours at the gym, travels, starred in commercials and works hard. Admittedly, it can be arguing at times. Colleagues in the acting department are often unhappy with his eccentric antics: either he throws glasses on set, or he swears by actresses.

Despite the success in his acting career, Yaman did not leave the bar and opened a small law firm. As for the family, the actor is silent about this. Until now, only one woman occupies the most important place in his life – his mother. She’s even listed on his phone as “Mrs. Controller”. Fans joke that Can’s future wife will have to undergo strict control, which she will not be able to avoid.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at