It was his ex-girlfriend’s nightmare, he was detained when he leaned against the window

Haşim K., who did not let go of his ex-girlfriend, whom they could not marry when his mother did not give him 5 years ago in Güngören, allegedly became the fearful dream of the family. Haşim K., who was caught on his cell phone camera, was taken into custody.

Allegedly, Gönül D., who lives with her mother in the Maresal Çakmak District, met Haşim K. 5 years ago. Haşim K., who took his family with him when they wanted to continue their partnership with marriage, came to Gönül D.’s house to ask for a girl. Mother Asiye D., who did not like the conversations of the family during the request for a girl, stated that she would not give her daughter away. Haşim K., who did not accept this, became the nightmare of his ex-girlfriend and family.

Haşim K., who was alleged to have repeatedly knocked on the door and broken the windows, cut the railings of the windows and entered by force, was suspended upon complaint. Haşim K., who did not stop despite the decision, came to the window last Sunday and made threats. Those moments were reflected on the mobile phone camera for seconds.

“Maybe mine, maybe my daughter’s body, would come out of the house that day”

Describing her experiences, mother Asiye Dinçer said, “This person had a friendship with my daughter about 5 years ago. They were thinking of getting married. The child’s family came to ask for it. I was a little sick of what he told me, so I backed off and said, ‘I’m not giving my daughter to you.’ He threatens, says, “If you don’t come, I will kill your mother, I will kidnap your brother, I will destroy your brother.” He’s after my daughter. I wonder if he’ll come tonight? I wonder if he’ll hurt my daughter? We can’t cope so that the police will take one of us or I have to take his life. We have no one, we are left in the middle. He waves his hand through the window with the sickle. He says to Gönül, ‘get out’, but attacks our house with a cutting tool, even though Gönül says, ‘I am not coming, I don’t want to come, I hate you. If it weren’t for my neighbor, maybe my, maybe my daughter’s funeral would have taken place that day,” he said.

Haşim K., who was taken into custody, was transferred to the courthouse after his procedures at the police station.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at