“It was the right way to end”

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Former F1 world champion Damon Hill believes it was the right way to end the 2022 season with Max Verstappen dominating the final race of the year in Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen started the race on pole position and never struggled as the Red Bull driver took his 15th win of the 2022 season. Speaking to Sky Sports after the race, Hill said:

“It was the right way to finish. He was dominant, fantastic. He really looked so polished. You’re always learning, you’re always developing, but he was so complete from his first days. He had a little bit a little brash when he arrived, but he didn’t need to show that this year, he just needed to use his head, which he did.

1️⃣5️⃣Amazing way to end an amazing season for us @redbullracing & @HondaRacingGLB.Overall the whole season has been amazing and it was very nice with the team. Thank you all so much for your hard work 💪

Looking back on the race, Max Verstappen admitted it wasn’t all smooth sailing as he was a bit compromised on both stops. He didn’t have two sets of hard tires and the running on medium tires was far from optimal. The Dutchman said:

“It was a good race. I knew that if I wanted to make two stops it was a bit compromised because I didn’t have two hard tires, so my goal was always to try to make sure that the only -stop was going to work On the Medium tires at the start I think we had really good pace – just my last three laps on this tire were a bit trickier but I had to get to a certain lap right? did a pretty good job of extending that stint for us.”

Unfortunately, this is also the season where we lost Dietrich, but I’m very grateful that I was able to make this a special season.

Now is the time to recharge the batteries so that you can give it your all again next season!

Unfortunately, this is also the season in which we lost Dietrich, but I am very grateful that I was able to make this a special season. Now is the time to recharge the batteries, so that we can give it our all again next season!

Max Verstappen added:

“And, yeah, once I put the hard tires on, I got them in pretty well because I had a good gap. And at some point I wanted to go a bit faster, but we weren’t still not sure if the tire was gonna hold up for the whole stint until the end. So it was a bit of management to see if you could make it, but at some point I hit, kind of crossing where then the two stops don’t go But luckily at that time the tires were really good and I was able to continue until the end.”

Max Verstappen attributes success to ‘great team effort’

When asked to sum up the season in which he won a record 15 races, Max Verstappen attributed the success to the efforts of the entire team. He also emphasized the importance of enjoying the moment and the success you have. He said:

“It’s been a great team effort, especially after our difficult start to the year, to turn the tide like this, I never imagined it, like anyone in the team. But it’s been really nice to do part of this team. We’re having a lot of fun. Of course, we focus on performance, but you also have to really enjoy the moment, enjoy the moment.”

Max added:

“And I think we’ve definitely done it. We’ll do it but we’re already focusing on next year as well. You always say you’re trying to do better. I know it’s hard to do much better than that. , but you should always try to aim for that.”

Max Verstappen is now a double world champion and on a grid that lost a four-time world champion in Sebastian Vettel, it’s great to see that there will still be three multiple world champions on the grid.

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