Italian Prime Minister Meloni’s call to the EU Commission

Call from Meloni to the EU Commission

Meloni, who attended the Italian National Association of Municipalities (ANCI) General Assembly held in the city of Bergamo by video conference method, stated that they were faced with different challenges during the period they were going through, and that the government would stand by the municipalities during this period.

Stating that high energy costs are the factor that uses resources the most, Meloni said, “Our interventions to reduce high energy prices for families and businesses cost us about 5 billion euros per month. If the European Commission does not intervene, it will be difficult to combat this emergency. We are evaluating the proposals.” said.

Meloni also noted that they should check the program of the recovery fund they will receive from the EU in order to take appropriate measures to ensure recovery after COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Meloni gave special greetings to Andrij Sadovyj, Mayor of Lviv, Ukraine, who attended the ANCI General Assembly, and said that Italy would continue to proudly support the cause of Ukraine.

Sadovyj invited Meloni to their city, and the Italian Prime Minister said that he would come to Lviv.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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