“It’s the details that will make the champions and not necessarily the team that plays the best”

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Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni says so-called favorites rarely win the tournament before the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The Albicelestes are one of the big favorites to lift the Holy Grail in Qatar. However, Scaloni does not want to give too much weight to these claims.

Speaking to the media ahead of the game, he said (via Mundo Albicelste):

“The big favorites never win the World Cups. I think a lot of great nations, great teams, at least eight of them can win this World Cup. The majority are Europeans. That’s what’s happened in recent years.”

He continued:

“I think the South American teams couldn’t reach the final, even in 2014 we did and maybe Argentina could have done a bit better. The rest is just details. And I think this World Cup will be the same. The details will make the champions and not necessarily the team that plays the best.”

He further added:

“Yesterday, Ecuador won very well. It is a very high level national team. Every time I played, I said the same thing. The others will struggle and I’m not surprised they won. That doesn’t mean Qatar is a bad team.”

Scaloni concluded:

“England are candidates but I’m not saying that the Arab teams are a step below. You have to be superior, the game has an emotional aspect, the important thing is to go beyond the how. Logically, we we have our way of playing and we will try not to change it.

Argentina will face Saudi Arabia in their first Group C game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 22.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi is looking to take advantage of a possible final FIFA World Cup

Press Conference Argentina - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022Press Conference Argentina - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Press Conference Argentina – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Argentina captain Lionel Messi has said he is looking forward to what could be his last FIFA World Cup. Speaking to reporters, the 35-year-old said (via NDTV):

“It’s probably my last World Cup, my last chance to get this big dream that we all have, I don’t know if it’s my happiest moment, but I feel good. I’m older, more mature, I want to make the most of everything, live it with the maximum intensity and enjoy every moment I have.”

🇦🇷 Messi: “This World Cup is very special for me. Probably the last to try to achieve my dream.

He further continued:

“Today, I enjoy everything much more. Before, I didn’t think about it. Age makes you see things differently and makes small details more important: those that before you didn’t give much importance .”

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Click Here to Watch this Event Live Online for Free!

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