It’s time to leave for Patrick Van Aanholt at Galatasaray! The only obstacle in the transfer…

British Championship teams Watford and Swansea hooked Galatasaray’s Dutch football player Patrick Van Aanholt. British teams raced to hire the 32-year-old player. The only obstacle in the transfer is Aanhol’s high salary. Here are the details… | Last minute Galatasaray news (GS sports news)

Galatasaray News Release Date: 21.11.2022- 06:40

Super Leaguefighting for the championship in Galatasayin the interim transfer period Patrick Van Aanholt Roads can be separated with… Dutch left-back England Championship teams watford and SwanseaIt has been learned that he is a suitor.


During the interim transfer period, it was learned that both teams, who wanted to add the 32-year-old football player to their staff on loan, started negotiations with the Yellow-Red team. CalendarAccording to the news of , who finds the salary of the experienced football player who earns 1 million 700 thousand Euros per year, high. British It was stated that the teams were looking for a formula for the Dutch star. Galatasaraymanager at Okan BurukIt was stated that he did not plan to continue with the 32-year-old football player, who was not among the plans of .


This season Yellow-Red Patrick Van Aanholt, who played in 9 official matches, 7 of which were in the Super League, performed two assists in these matches. Placed in the top 11 with the decline it has experienced in recent weeks. Emre TasdemirThe Dutch football player’s contract with the Yellow-Red team will expire in 2024.

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