Jorge Jesus difference in Fenerbahçe! Coming first to Samandıra, leaving last

Fenerbahce news: Jorge Jesus, who was appointed as the coach of the yellow-dark blue team at the beginning of the season, has already become the darling of the fans with his performance. Experienced technical man’s determination to work is appreciated. Jesus enters the facilities at 08:00 in the morning and goes home at 20:00 at the earliest. Here are the details… (FB sports news)

Fenerbahce News Release Date: 25.09.2022- 06:40

in a very short time FenerbahceThe coach who brought back the air longed for Jorge Jesus He has established a throne in the hearts of the fans with the pleasing football he plays. Behind the scenes of the successful performance of the Yellow-Navy Blues so far, Jesus BuoyThere lies the wonderful air it creates.


CalendarAccording to the news of the Portuguese teacher, despite his great career, he is doing his duty with an amateur spirit. It is stated that Jorge Jesus, who entered the facilities at 08:00 in the morning and got to work immediately, spent at least 12 hours a day in Samandıra. It is stated that the 68-year-old technical man, who did not go to his home before 20:00 in the evening, watches analysis videos for 5 hours a day. It was learned that the experienced teacher not only watched the next opponent and revealed the pros and cons, but also took notes by reviewing his own matches. It is stated that Jorge Jesus also takes care of all the players in the team without discrimination.


It is among the information received that the successful technical man’s students are trying to find solutions not only to football-related problems, but also to their private lives. The great admiration and respect that footballers have for Jesus plays a big role in Fenerbahçe’s successful graphic so far.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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