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We followed the evolution of energy, electricity and gas prices, we first received from the Ministry of Industry and Trade their estimates of price growth for the fourth quarter, explains Jurek, for the external normative costs of mines.

He therefore states that the standards have been specially designed for single and two-person households. The old regulations imposed a strict ceiling on these residents. They are the elderly, widowers and self-sufficient families, he described. According to him, about 40 percent of these adatels were limited by the old ceilings.

He pointed out that a new calculator is available on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which allows beneficiaries to calculate how much pension they are entitled to.

According to him, since the fifth year, the resort has also been working on another shift, which has to do with housing. According to him, this should lead to a more integrated pension with the help of so-called price cards. In this way, it would depend on specific costs in individual regions.

According to him, from January 1, it will be called the vital and existential minimum. According to Jurek, the governing coalition agreed. Today I can’t read a specific value, but let’s assume it will be above five percent somewhere in the interval, the minister said. Child benefit is also going up.

Due to inflation, the minimum has risen since last year. Now only for the adult in 4,620 kroner. It is suitable for adults in families and children. In addition to the minimum living wage and tax, the government’s National Economic Council also recommended it.

Reluctance to provide data

Help in the form of member contributions, the housing allowance, should be one of the most important measures in the current energy crisis. However, experts first pointed to the limitation of the standard.

The Vlda in the center decided to pay them two thousand and 4.5 thousand crowns. According to the sweat of the household and the size of the home, it can be increased by 11 and 68 percent, mostly by singles and couples in it.

Housing benefit can be received by people who do not have 35 percent of their income in Prague and 30 percent elsewhere. Then answer the difference between the actual income, but not within the norms, and first 30 and 35 percent of the income.

The change will take effect from January. It should be possible to grant rights from January. According to estimates by the Ministry of Labor, the number of marriages to retirees could increase by 400 million crowns this year.

The problem is people’s unwillingness to give up data. According to data from the company PAQ Research, that quarter of the people who qualify do not qualify. This is mainly due to shame and bureaucracy.


Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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