“JxCat must decide if he wants to continue the agreements”

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Peter Kavinsky

Washington, September 20 (EFE). — Republican MEP Diane Riba, Representative of the Esquerra Republicana de Catalonia (ERC) in the European Parliament stressed on Tuesday that Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) must decide whether it wants to continue the government’s agreements.

“What is becoming clear is that more than a government crisis, there is a Junts per Catalunya crisis. JxCat has to decide if it wants to continue this government’s agreements and see how they go,” he told EFE.

Riba is in Washington until Wednesday, where he traveled from Strasbourg on Friday to attend the TLN’s annual press freedom conference last Monday and other meetings to defend democracy and fundamental rights.

The trip coincides with a key week to try to reach an agreement that will allow the ERC and JxCat to redirect their crisis and save the government coalition before the general political debate that will take place from 27 to 30 September in Parliament.

This debate is the deadline set by JxCat for its partners in government to agree on a reorientation of its policies, which includes the implementation of three points included in the legislative agreement and not yet rolled out: creating a unified strategic direction for the independence movement, uniting ERC and Junts deputies in Madrid and are negotiating self-determination and amnesty in dialogue with the state.

“The next steps towards independence should be celebrated by all of us,” Riba added when asked about the role that the “Council of the Republic”, a para-institutional space led from Belgium by the former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, could play. play in search of a new independence roadmap.

He noted that the more people join these efforts, the stronger they become.

“On this path, we must not leave anyone behind. This has always been Esquerra’s position and therefore all actors, whatever they are, are welcome, but they will not continue to go alone, we must all leave. We are at a time when we continue to find coalitions with all people, organizations that want to work for independence.

His agenda in Washington DC, where Catalan President Father Aragonés will arrive this Wednesday, included meetings with representatives of organizations like Freedom House, Wilson Center or PEN America dedicated to promoting democracy and fundamental rights.

“At all meetings, we get the feeling that we can help each other a lot on both sides, especially in issues such as freedom of speech or the use of Pegasus,” she said of the spyware that she herself became a victim of.

Riba, vice-president of the Commission of Inquiry in the European Parliament on the use of this “software”, denounced its use with “absolute impunity”, “because it is a simple program”.

In his meetings, he also spoke of the need to work globally in favor of freedom of expression and redirected community efforts towards limiting humiliating legal actions designed to intimidate and silence the critical voices of journalists and other members of society, of which the directive is expected to be finalized.” in the coming year.”

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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