Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kadhal movie review: Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kadhal movie review: Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Director of the wild love film: Vignesh Sivan

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in Kattuvakkula Rendu Kaadhal.

Wild Rock Awesome Romantic Movie Rating: 2 stars

Director Vignesh Sivan’s latest romantic comedy Kathuvakula Rendu Kadhal is a complete misnomer. It offers very little opportunity, but requires a great deal of generosity from the audience to forgive Vignesh’s repeated miscalculations that appear to be the urgent work of a film.

Ranjangudi Anbarasu Murugesh Bhupathi Uhunthiran or Rambo (Vijay Sethupathi) is a chick magnet. Why? Simple, because he is poor but kind. He has no charm, but he is compassionate. Above all, he can fight to protect the dignity and respect of women. He is the most popular version of a mainstream hero who would not have sustained real world conditions if he had been alone.

Rambo firmly believes he is cursed. He is considered an expression of misfortune. In fact, misfortune is his superpower. Lovers are annoyed to go on the jolly bike and school children are running late for the exam. And it is raining and these people are not able to do their business. So Rambo moves forward and decides to save tomorrow. Simply come out and stare at the sky and the rain will stop completely. He was able to somehow penetrate the consciousness of the universe and manipulate it to his liking.

It takes a lot of great mind to buy the preface to this film. After some awkward twists and turns, Rambo finds himself ready to kill or kill Ganguly Ganguly (Nayanthara) and Khadija Begum (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), described by confusingly stitched scenes with no creative, literary or humorous value. Both women seek Rambo’s protection because they missed a great opportunity. Vignesh creates the atmosphere of being alive in a kind of Rambo-world-living-last-man-world. These women take the bait.

There is no chemistry between Rambo, Kanmani and Khadija. It is not clear why Kanmani or Khadija want to be in a non-romantic relationship with Rambo. He could not even see their eyes properly when talking to these women. And he is so bad at the love or romantic gestures that a woman wipes her feet. Still, Kanmani and Khadija compete with each other for Rambo’s affection.

Kathuvakula Awesome Love is Vignesh’s dream come true, becoming an approximately Munchi Kumar chick magnet. Sumar Moonchi Kumar, also known as Average Joe, is the name of the character played by Vijay Sethupathi in Balakumara (2013). He played the role of a hunter in the film. But, he was kidnapped as harmless because he was funny. Kumar falls in love with a woman who is not in his league and he can not get a hint that even if the woman he oppresses lists the service of thugs to beat him, he will stop harassing her.

Vignesh dreamed of a completely heartless romantic comedy, what if Sumar Munchi Kumar becomes so irresistible that the most beautiful, strong and self-confident women blindly dedicate themselves to his wishes? That’s all there is to this film.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with much of the plot revolving around the double name, “Ona’s marriage as work (he married you and slept with me). Or the clown debate about which of the almonds and pistachios is best, metaphors for marriage and gender, respectively.

Only a couple of scenes have a somewhat enjoyable humor. Retin Kingsley is in those scenes. In particular, in the scene where he questions the prisoner’s verdict for wasting petrol on him. It is hitting a chord as petrol prices are skyrocketing.

The latent nature of the adult comedy in this film is a big twist. The film aims to play into the wild fantasies of a boyfriend man by subtly having sex with leading women. But, this is not pure comedy or adult comedy. This is a mess. The main reason is Vignesh’s instability. He wants to keep the picture safe for people to see with their family. At the same time, sprinkle it with enough double meaning verses and scenes so that people get the hint. It also wants to be a mix of director CS Amuthan’s Tamil film, spoof film and Vignesh’s 2015 hit film Me and Rowdy.


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