Kevin Nkoudou from Beşiktaş, who played for Cameroon in the World Cup, spoke after the Switzerland match!

Trainhosted by 2022 FIFA World Cupin his first match in Switzerlandlost 1-0 to CameroonKevin Nkoudou, one of the midfielders of , said that they were disappointed but their hopes were not lost.

nkoudou, Al Janoub StadiumAfter the match played in .

Stating that they played good football in the first half of the match, Cameroonian The player said, “It is a big disappointment for us, we deserved more. We played very well in the first half. We wanted the goal so much but we couldn’t score it. We couldn’t use many clear opportunities. The fact that the opposing goalkeeper was chosen as player of the match is an indication of this. It was a good match for us. It was the only goal missing. Switzerland is an important opponent, it was a difficult match, but we could have scored.” said.


Group Gin Brazil and Serbia Underlining that he believes Cameroon will come out of the group, Nkoudou said:

“We have two more difficult games ahead of us. Now we will think about these two games. Of course we believe that we will get out of the group. If you don’t believe, you can’t play football anyway. If you don’t have dreams, you can’t play football. If you believe, anything can happen in football. We saw examples of this in this cup. We can get it. Good teams succeed.”

The Cameroonian player, who was included in the game in the second half of the match, stated that individual performances are not important and said, “We were defeated, individual performance is also important after the team is defeated. If the team wins, you win, too, if the team loses, you lose too. Therefore, it is unnecessary to talk about my or another player’s performance. ” used the phrases.

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By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at