“Kichi” will not be a repeat candidate in the next election

Cadiz (EFE) for eight consecutive years.

“I’m not going to run in the next election,” “Kichi” said in a video recorded and broadcast this afternoon on his social media, in which, walking around various locations in the city, sometimes accompanied by his team of councillors, he announces his decision and makes a review of his career.

He explains that this decision is “not new” because he never doubted that he was going to fulfill his obligation to limit his term, although he preferred to wait for this confirmation in order to “not harm the Adelante Cadiz project.”

According to González, the Adelante Cádiz group “will continue to sail a solid course with me on the team.”

In his speech, he recalled his idea that “politics should not be a job or a way of earning money, but rather an act of voluntary commitment”, which he also defined as “an act of love and generosity towards others”. which must be temporary.

González will no longer run for mayor after eight years since he took over in 2015, after 20 years in office for Theophilus Martinez.

Kichi will not participate in the elections, but will remain in the city hall until the end

The mayor notes that over the years it has been able to reduce municipal debt, reduce self-promotion, become “the second city council in Spain for social investment”, reduce the time to pay suppliers and achieve various achievements for low-income groups.

In his speech, he also apologized for his mistakes, for falling short of expectations or for not being able to explain himself, and thanked those who helped him “make what we think is fair a reality” and demonstrate that “it is possible another way to do politics.”

“Kichi” explained that he would continue to lead the Cadiz city council “until the end” because “as a good cadista, I understand the importance of the last ten minutes”, and specified that from now until May, he will not be in retreat, “but giving that what is best for Cadiz to continue on the path of development and progress.”

And he says he’s leaving quietly because his team has “brilliance, ability and enthusiasm to light up a better future for the city.”

By Peter Kavinsky

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