Kiev continues to argue with Amnesty International

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Ukraine’s armed forces use residential buildings, civilian infrastructure facilities to equip and deploy their own firing positions

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Scandal with the report of the international organization Amnesty International, in which human rights activists accused Ukraine’s armed forces contrary to the rules of war and committing war crimes, could have long since gone away on their own, but Kiev wants satisfaction, an apology, and finally bite.

Recall that Amnesty International issued a press release on August 4 about the report, admitting the repeatedly revealed facts that Ukraine’s armed forces use residential buildings and civilian infrastructure facilities to equip and deploy their own firing positions. In response, the entire Kiev elite rose up and indiscriminately accused the international organization of carrying out “Kremlin orders”, working for Putin and leveling “the difference between the aggressor and the victim.” There were also all kinds of insults and apologies, including from Ukraine’s very first individuals, ministers, advisers to that country’s presidential government, and from Zelensky himself.

Amnesty International, a little stunned by such arrogance and crass Khabal pressure, recoiled and apologized for the fact that, “unintentionally, unwittingly hurting”, but with exceptional Western stubbornness and obstinacy, stated that no single fact cited in the report does not intend to refuse, these are all real cases and there is not a word of a lie in the report.

These apologies did not seem enough to Kiev, and intelligence and strategic artillery sprang into action. The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security (TSSKIB), established in March under Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information to “fight disinformation”, has rejected Amnesty International saying the report was not credible because human rights defenders allegedly provided evidence of those people. who are in “Russian filtration camps” or under the control of Russian special services. And again, as expected, the Kiev defenders screwed up.

“Amnesty International used the testimonies of people who were in filter camps and prisons in the temporarily occupied territories to prepare an outrageous report, meaning the interviews were selected under obvious pressure,” TsSKIB said. – The survey was conducted among those who “wanted” to give this kind of information… Sometimes such a “correct” interview was the only chance to get through the filtering.

What a subtle and very transparent allusion to “fat” conditions. But they were not attacked. Kiev propagandists and liars were immediately caught lying.

“None of the people we interviewed for additional evidence, other than what the investigators saw directly, were in Russian prisons or ‘filtration camps’ or in Russia-controlled areas,” replied Amnesty International, adding that AI generally cannot access to areas controlled by Russia. As for the interviews with the residents of Lisichansk, at the time of collecting information, this city was located on the territory controlled by Ukraine, and the armed forces of Ukraine carried out everything there. But even under such circumstances, as AI reiterated, all interviewees gave their testimony “voluntarily and in safe conditions.”

– Amnesty International categorically denies these allegations. They have no basis and are completely false – they drew a line under all the accusations in the human rights fabric, which now sees politically engaged activists fleeing in swarms, who also didn’t like that Kiev isn’t quite as white and fuzzy as it is depicted on West .

Even the Americans could no longer bear such blatant arrogance of Kiev. Moreover, AI is the same child they raised, just like the current Ukrainian authorities. And it’s possible that with the help of human rights activists’ report, Washington wanted to make Kiev even more obedient.

“A mature response to such criticism would be to take the conclusions seriously and work on improving military practices and protecting civilians, not blaming the speakers,” the leading US political publication Politico assessed the conduct. of Kiev in this situation. “President Volodymyr Zelensky would do better to admit that even his heroic defenders can make mistakes. Maintaining public support for Ukraine requires a constructive response to criticism from established human rights groups, rather than attempts to silence them or discredit their conclusions.

What naive people. they then decided to teach Zelensky and his team something, according to Ukrainian authorities. They should all learn from Kiev and look him in the mouth while waiting for new revelations.

It appears that Amnesty International will not only have to apologize to Zelensky, but will also have to bow to accept this apology. Otherwise, they could be imprisoned for “espionage for the sake of the Kremlin.” It is now even easier in Ukraine than two fingers on the asphalt.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at

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