Kim Ong-un showed his daughter. For years he walked past the rockets St


In photos released by North Korean state media on Saturday, Kim Ung-un walks hand-in-hand after the launch of the missiles with a small duo and shows him his army’s equipment. It is the first time that the local press speaks about a child of their scientist.

The North Korean press has not revealed anything about the descendant of the eight-year-old dictator, did not mention his name or age. However, it should be about ten-year-old Kim ue, who was born to him by his concubine Ri Sol-u. Its sovereignty has never been officially confirmed by Pyongyang.

In 2013, former American basketball player Dennis Rodman revealed to the public the sweat that he was trembling from the defeat of the DPRK. I was grinding a bit and also talking to Mr. Ri. Kim is a good mother and has a beautiful family, said the athlete at the time, who declared dictator two his friend.

In total, North Korean scientists should have ten children, the largest South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo wrote nine years ago about the birth of the first non-man, citing a diplomatic source from Beijing. According to him, the woman drank into the world in 2010. At that time, Kim was mainly married to Ri Sol-u. This offspring was probably born in 2017, but the sex is unknown.

Kim’s wife, who disappeared from view last year, also appeared in the new photos. It was then that speculation began that he might be reborn and Manel began to suffer from his popularity.

Together with his beloved daughter Kim, he watches the launch of one of the missiles on the official shores. It should be a fifth test of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which the Japanese Ministry of Defense says could hit the United States mainland.

The fact that she made her first public appearance at such a young age is remarkable in itself. It is a break with tradition. And it is all the more remarkable that it was presented to the nation and the world during such an important event as the launch of the first North Korean missile, said the newspaper’s correspondent The Washington Post for North Korea Shreyas Reddy, while it is not yet clear what the regime is pursuing.

According to the North Korean refugees, this may be an attempt to humanize Kim’s image, but also a sign that he will die in the patriarchal society of men and that his successor will be a woman. Another very important role in the leadership of the regime is Kim’s sister Kim Jo-ong, and in April this year a woman became the head of a North Korean ministry for the first time. Kim Ong-un chose diplomat Che Son-hui for the post.


By Peter Kavinsky

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