Kosovo and Serbia reached an agreement on license plates

Kosovo and Serbia reached an agreement mediated by the EU in a dispute over license plates.

That is what the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, said Twitteraccording to Ukrinform.

“Agreement has been reached! I am very pleased to announce that the key negotiators from Kosovo and Serbia, brokered by the EU, have agreed on measures that will prevent further escalation and will fully focus on proposals for the normalization of relations between the countries.’, the message says.

According to Borrell, Serbia will stop issuing license plates with the names of Kosovo cities, and Kosovo, in turn, will stop re-registering Serbian vehicles.

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Borrell added that representatives from both sides would meet again in the coming days to discuss next steps.

As Ukrinform reported, Kosovo authorities, at the request of the United States, have postponed plans for 48 hours to fine drivers who refuse to replace old car number plates with the letters KM issued by Serbia. The process of re-registering cars with plates linked to the names of Serbian cities on the registration plates of the Republic of Kosovo with the RKS mark started on September 1 and took two months. Kosovo authorities have announced that they will impose fines on vehicle owners who fail to re-register their number plates from November 22.

An emergency session of the Cabinet of Ministers was held in Belgrade with the participation of President Aleksandar Vucic. After that, Serbian representatives began to leave Kosovo’s institutions of power: parliament, judiciary, police and local authorities in four districts in the north.

By Peter Kavinsky

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