Kremlin subsidies in the war against Ukraine

The newly occupied territories of Ukraine have become a good place to make money for Russian stock market eaters. Some help the Russian army to occupy Ukraine. Others create propaganda media through which to disseminate Russian propaganda, and also create regional chapters of the Yunarmiya military-patriotic movement to brainwash local children with propaganda of the war and the “Russian world” and turn them into “cannon fodder” for the Armed Forces in the future RF.

In addition, the subsidy providers try to solve the personnel problem for the occupying “administrations”, because the local residents do not want to work for the occupiers. Grant eaters also help deport to Russia the population of the occupied regions of Ukraine, from where Russian troops are forced to flee under the onslaught of the armed forces of Ukraine.

See Nikita Panasenko’s story for details:

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at