Ksenia Borodina told how much alimony her ex-husbands pay

Xenia Borodina.

Xenia Borodina.


Ksenia Borodina single-handedly raises two daughters from different marriages. She gave birth to 13-year-old Maria from businessman Yuri Budagov, 6-year-old Theon from businessman Kurban Omarov. According to the TV presenter, ex-husbands practically do not help her. She does not rely on their material support and relies only on herself in everything.

“Father Marusya (Budagov – ed.) Does not help. Theona’s father (Omarov – ed.) regularly sends a small amount of money. School, travel, nannies, everyday life, girls’ clothes – everything is on me. That’s why I talk so much about independence, it’s very important! I hope my children will never need anything,” said Borodina. “Star Hit”.

Ksenia with her daughters Theon and Marusya.

Ksenia with her daughters Theon and Marusya.

A picture: Mikhail FROLOV

With Yuri Budagov, the screen star lived in marriage from 2008 to 2011. The reason for their divorce was a mismatch of conceptions of family values. Budagov accused Xenia of always disappearing at work. The man probably does not help his daughter, because he is in trouble with the law. The founder of the Sports Poker Federation is accused of fraud. According to the investigation, he cooperated in transferring a large amount of money under a false power of attorney. Budagov left their country, in Moscow he was arrested in absentia. The ex-husband of the TV presenter is put on the international wanted list. There were rumors that he may be illegally settling in the UK.

Borodina spent six years with Kurban Omarov. They got married in 2015 and divorced in 2021. Ksenia said that Omarov started cheating on her almost immediately after the wedding. The birth of his daughter Theona did not make him reconsider his attitude to family life. And yet the TV presenter did not immediately decide on a divorce, she dragged on for a long time because of her daughter.

“Everything is in the past, everything is forgotten, everyone has crossed themselves a hundred thousand times. A better result could not have been. I am even grateful in my heart that after learning the truth, I was released forever and saw a different life, ”she later admitted on social networks.

Borodina does not hide that after the divorce she needed the help of specialists.

“I turned to a psychologist, went to trainings. But most of all my friends helped me, many hours of conversations, their participation. In the end, I think how cool it is that it all ended and passed so quickly,” said the “House-2” star.

Omarov immediately after the divorce began to change girls one by one. A businessman’s last darling is just over 20 years old. Rumor has it that she and Omar are already married. In any case, he introduced his beloved to his relatives.

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