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Las Vegas floods casinos

LAS VEGAS. The lights on the 130,000-square-foot video screen returned just before 11 p.m. Friday, showing a reboot of computer codes instead of the usual dazzling display that visitors expect from the LED canopy along the pedestrian mall at the Fremont Street Experience. .

After the monsoon rains and flash floods that presented a water and light show that the locals will not forget on Thursday night, the cleaning continued at full speed. What started with stifling winds and flashes of lightning eventually spilled over into confined spaces with leaky roofs in many casinos causing slot machines to get wet and carpets wet.

By Friday morning, betting activity had largely returned to normal levels and casino managers were considering improvements needed to combat future weather events. By noon, Mayor Carolyn Goodman was launching “flood control infrastructure” that quickly brought water to Lake Mead.

“We’re open for business,” said casino owner Derek Stevens, whose Circa resort transformed a video wall featuring a sports bettor into a shimmering fountain that spills into a pool that collects water on a carpeted lower level.

Las Vegas casinos flooded during flooding
After the monsoon rain in Las Vegas on July 28, water entered the casino and the roads were flooded. (Video: With a Story)
Outside, lightning disrupted the exterior lighting of several downtown hotels, including the Golden Nugget, as well as the illuminated canopy of the Fremont Street Experience Hotel. There were lots of dripping lights at Caesars Palace, showers inside Planet Hollywood, and floodwaters that made the garage at the Link Hotel look more like a rough river strip. A player at the Fremont Hotel and Casino kept playing despite the flood.

Rather than seeping into the desert, rainwater tends to accumulate in Las Vegas, which means that relatively little precipitation can lead to flooding.

The monsoon-induced storms caused the National Weather Service to issue both a severe storm and flash flood warning Thursday night. Radar showed a narrow but dense corridor of storms hitting Vegas around 8:30pm. local time from the north.

Guide for those who hate Las Vegas

0.32 inches of rain fell at Harry Reid International Airport — the same as the entire July average — “more than an inch fell in various parts of the city,” the Met Office said.

Thursday marked the second night of more anticipated monsoon storms in the southwest, according to the National Weather Service.

Summer in Nevada was marked by drought; Water levels in Lake Mead have reached their lowest level since 1937, and three sets of human remains have been found in the reservoir since May, according to NASA.

“Where there are corpses there are treasures”: hunting in Lake Mead

Nationwide flooding in eastern Kentucky has killed at least 16 people since Wednesday. Tuesday at St. Historic rains around Louis led to flash flooding that killed one person. Both rains are considered to occur once in 1000 years.

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