LAST MINUTE NEWS | After the 5.9 earthquake in Düzce, citizens are on the street!

After the 5.9 earthquake, citizens are on the street!

The 5.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the Gölyaka district of Düzce was felt in a wide area as far as Istanbul, Bolu, Sakarya, Ankara, Kocaeli, Kütahya, Bilecik, Bursa, Zonguldak, Bartın and İzmir.

The epicenter at 04:08 DuzceThe 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Gölyaka district of Turkey caused panic.



While power transmission lines were cut after the earthquake in Düzce, citizens who experienced great fear and panic due to the tremor left their homes.

There were demolitions on the walls of some houses and workplaces in the city, some items in the houses fell to the ground. It was seen that some concrete pieces that had broken off from the roof of Düzce Courthouse fell to the ground.



Due to the earthquake, those who wanted to buy fuel for their vehicles created a density at the gas stations. In the city, where aftershocks continue, citizens wrapped in blankets due to the cold weather try to warm up by lighting a fire.

Düzce Governor Cevdet Atay stated that there is no clear information regarding the Gölyaka-centered earthquake yet, and that the teams have started working on the site.


In Bolu, it was seen that the citizens went out after the earthquake. Citizens gathered on İzzet Baysal Street continue to wait in parks and gardens.

Bolu Governor Erkan Kılıç noted that in the city where the earthquake was felt, the medical teams received several notices of panic jumping from the balcony at the time of the earthquake.

Kılıç, “We have just started the field work, we are investigating. Get well soon to all our people.” said.

The earthquake was felt severely in Sakarya as well. After the earthquake, citizens in most of the city went out.

Sakarya Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim emphasized that they had not received clear information about the earthquake so far, and said, “Right after the earthquake, our teams went to the field and started their work.” gave the information.




Citizens in many districts of Kocaeli, especially Izmit, went out after the earthquake.

İnci Demirsoy, a citizen waiting with her husband Gürbüz Demirsoy on the Izmit Walking Road, told reporters that her husband was asleep during the earthquake and said, “I was standing, I felt that we were shaking at that moment. Then I went to my wife. ‘We are rocking.’ I said, then we left. We also experienced the 1999 earthquake. Our house was damaged. Our lives have changed, it has been traumatized for him, but we live in that fear every moment.” he said.

Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz stated to the AA correspondent that there has been no report so far and said, “Get well soon to all of us. We are following, but there is no negativity so far.” said.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tahir Büyükakın, conveyed his wishes of “get well soon” and said, “I convey my best wishes to all our citizens whose epicenter is in Düzce and who were also affected by the earthquake that was felt in our city. Our teams are always ready. You can reach us via the number 153. May my Lord protect our country and our nation from all kinds of disasters. ” used his statements.

Citizens in Zonguldak and Bartın were also seen leaving after the earthquake.

By Peter Kavinsky

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