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The nephews of the hotelier spoke in the brutality of the couple!

Three suspects, who were detained on charges of killing their uncle Nuri Yıldız, who owns a hotel in Beyoğlu and Fatih districts of Istanbul, in Beylikdüzü, and his wife Esra Yıldız, by slitting her throat at her home in Avcılar, appeared before a judge.

While the detained defendants Aleyna (21), Ferhat (28) and Mühyettin Yıldız (36) were brought to the first hearing of the case at the Küçükçekmece 3rd High Criminal Court, the families of the murdered couple Nuri and Esra Yıldız and the lawyers of the parties were present in the courtroom.

“My uncle is my half father, I suffer too”

Detained defendant Ferhat Yıldız, the nephew of deceased Nuri Yıldız, said, “My uncle is my father. “I paid a deposit of one thousand TL and a share of 450 thousand TL to my uncle. In November, 25 percent of the hotel’s shares were to be transferred to me. My aunt consented to the transfer of shares. I was taking care of everything in the hotel. My uncle was only coming to inspect it,” he said.


Defendant Ferhat Yıldız, who said that on the day of the incident, her sister, who is also the defendant in the file, picked her up from the hotel at 19.00 and went home, said: “I went to my room at about 21:00. My brother Mühyettin was sitting in the hall. At 02:00-03 at night. There was news that my uncle’s car was on fire at around 1:00 am. They had a locksmith open the door of my uncle’s house together with the police. This is how I learned that my aunt was killed at home. I do not accept the diagnosis of my parents that I was one of the two people who entered the house of my aunt Esra. “The police put pressure on my brother and my brother. The intentional killing is intended to be brought down on us. I demand my acquittal and release,” he said.


Another detained defendant, Aleyna Yıldız, told that she went out and drove around because she was not aware of her family’s smoking. She stated that when she entered the house again, she learned that the man she liked was together with her close friend and that she was upset when she saw his photos on social media.


Defendant Mühyettin Yıldız, on the other hand, stated that he had no reason to kill his uncle and aunt and said, “Because I was in prison before, my freedom is important to me. I slept at 00:00. “If I went to my aunt’s house, why should I carry my phone with me. My mother identified me under pressure from the police. I demand my acquittal and my release.”


Yasemin Dallı, mother of deceased Esra Yıldız, also said, “My baby was killed by planning and design. We have not lived for 11 months. My daughter would be scared if there was a bird. She was very scared, she would never open the door to a stranger. My lamb fell victim only because her last name was Yıldız. Her throat was cut in her home, How can they stand up straight?” he said. In addition, Dallı complained about the defendants, claiming that a person who said that he was staying in the same ward with the defendants came to his workplace and that they were talking about killing their opponents in prison.


The complainant Umut Yıldız, son of Nuri Yıldız, said that the accused Ferhat Yıldız came to their hotel and told his father that he wanted to be a partner and that the money was in the car. Umut Yıldız said that his father said, ‘Since you brought the money here, let’s keep it in safe custody’, adding, “I heard that it was 150 thousand liras. Later, we learned that my father and sister Esra were killed. Ferhat told me that he was a partner with my father and gave 600 thousand liras on the night he was found. “I was shocked and saddened by the incident, I postponed what he said. Meanwhile, I did not witness Ferhat’s sadness. He did not come with us to the gas station or the cemetery, nor did I hear that he was wondering about the murderers,” he said.


Noting that he is currently running the hotel, Umut Yıldız said that no moneylender came to him and asked for money, as the defendants claimed, that the value of the business was 7-8 million liras, and that he thought the property value was an estimated 10 million dollars. He also stated that Ferhat Yildiz did a fetching job for 2 months, did not take part in the management, had no commercial experience, and complained about the defendants.


Complainant Sevda Yıldız, the daughter of Nuri Yıldız, also said:

“I think the defendants have been planning this murder for years. When I, Esra sister and my father sat down, my father said that he had hired Ferhat. I told him why he hired him, that Ferhat was a bad person who would steal and beat him. Ferhat and his family have been in our family since childhood. I think that they harbored enmity, that their aim was to kill my father and make him say ‘Ferhat became a partner in the hotel’.

They would deceive us for seeing us small. My father did not like partnership in terms of personality. He was previously in partnership with his siblings. He had expelled his brothers from the partnership. After my father was found, while the autopsy was being carried out in the forensic medicine, Fatih Yıldız, the father of the defendants, came to me and said, ‘The hotel is now ours. Ferhat became a partner there. The owner of the hotel even warned my uncle. He said I was in pain. I went to the hotel once when we were going to do my father’s fortieth birthday. When I went to the hotel, Ferhat was there and said to me, ‘It’s been 2 months since the incident. Now it’s unsolved. Murderers will not be found after that,’ he said. I blame the defendants. I demand the most severe punishment.”


The other 2 children of the deceased Nuri Yıldız said that they also complained about the defendants. The court decided to continue the detention of the defendants, to take photographs of the defendants, to send the file to the expert about whether the persons in the video footage are the defendants, and to write a warrant to the police in order to compare the samples taken from the defendants and the findings at the crime scene.

After the hearing, mother Yasemin Dallı, who made statements with a black wreath with Esra Yıldız’s photo on it and accompanied by her lawyer Eren Serdar, said, “She said that her daughter was killed for no reason and that this incident was brutally planned. Mother Dallı, who rebelled against the defendants’ requests to be released, said, “When these people come out, maybe I will tell you. They will do harm,” he said.

2 TIMES Aggravated Life Sentence Demanded for Defendants

In the indictment prepared by the Küçükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that the vehicle belonging to Nuri Yıldız on the side of the highway in Esenyurt Haramidere on October 11, 2021 was on fire. In the examination carried out during the extinguishing operations, it was seen that there was no one inside the vehicle, but it was determined that there was blood on the exterior of the vehicle.

It was stated in the indictment that Nuri Yılmaz went to his residence in Denizköşkler Neighborhood to reach him, and it was recorded that when the door of the house was locked, the door of the house was locked, and when the door was opened by a locksmith, the deceased’s wife, Esra Yıldız, was killed by cutting her throat. In addition, it was stated that Nuri Yıldız was killed by 3 bullets in Beylikdüzü.

In the security camera footage analyzed within the scope of the investigation, it was determined that Esra Yıldız opened the door to two men in dark hats and masks who came to her house the night she was killed, and that these people left the building 10 minutes later. It was determined that Nuri Yıldız, after leaving a hotel in Beyoğlu alone, stopped in front of a car whose quads were burning in front of a park, and then went in the direction of Edirne. Upon examining the HTS records of the mobile phone lines used by the suspects, it was determined that the suspects were not at home at the time of the incident.

In the investigation, the suspects were identified from the camera footage and HTS records when they entered the residence where the deceased Esra Yıldız was located. As a result of the determinations, it was determined that the suspects were Ferhat Yıldız and Mühyettin Yıldız. The suspect who parked the car and left was identified as Aleyna Yıldız. The Chief Public Prosecutor demanded 2 aggravated life sentences for 3 defendants for “premeditated killing” and 9 years imprisonment for 3 separate crimes.

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