Latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 22, 2022: What are the British mercenaries dissatisfied with and why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are out of ammunition

The work of mortars of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Donetsk from the front.

The work of mortars of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Donetsk from the front.

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The SBU is looking for something in the Lavra, but can’t find it

Searches On November 22, in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, they were confirmed by the SBU. The purpose of the searches was said to counter the “explosive activities of Russian special services in Ukraine”. And also – the prevention of “the use of the Lavra as a cell of the Russian world.” You them in a door – them in a window!

British refugee program in jeopardy

Enter Keir Giles The protector argues that Britain’s Homes for Ukraine refugee program is at stake. She was expected to provide assistance for six months. But the crisis dragged on. Tomorrow, a third of the hundred thousand forced migrants will be homeless. They will not receive state aid. Have you tried to work?

Battalion named after Sudoplatov ready to defeat Bandera

In the Zaporozhye region Ready to go combat missions volunteer battalion named after Pavel Sudoplatov. Born in Melitopol, this famous intelligence officer crushed Ukrainian nationalists like bed bugs. For example, he personally eliminated the leader of the OUN, Yevgeny Konovalets, who had been banned in Russia. The battalion named after him is equipped with the best equipment, weapons and equipment. The battalion consists mainly of volunteers with combat experience. Bandera get ready.

In the Belgorod region, they are fenced off from the square

Vyacheslav Gladkov, head of the Belgorod region, showed the progress of construction notch in the region in his telegram channel. The head of the region explained the formation of the defensive belt due to the tense situation in the region, mainly due to frequent shelling from Ukraine. The mouse will slip through, but the enemy will not pass.

The Duma calls on the parliaments of the world to condemn the killing of prisoners

The State Duma adopted a statement in connection with the executions of Russian prisoners of war by the armed forces of Ukraine. The lower house of parliament called on the world’s parliamentarians to condemn the crimes of the Ukrainian regime and help bring to justice those responsible for the executions of Russian prisoners of war. Give up hope, ye who enter here.

The number of refugees is approaching five million

Since the end of February, more than 4.8 million refugees from Ukraine and the Donbass have arrived in the Russian Federation. Among them 714 thousand children. 96,000 civilians requested medical assistance, including about 32,000 children. 1.2 million people applied for one-off financial support. Now there are more than 340,000 migrants in temporary reception centers in 60 regions of Russia. Zelensky, are these your citizens, or are they gone?

British mercenaries complain about Ukrainian discomfort

British mercenary Sharif, wounded at Kherson, said Ukraine’s armed forces had major supply problems. And with brains. In an interview with Bild, the downed “wild goose” said his unit was ambushed. Sharif admits that the Ukrainian army has no painkillers, helicopters, special squads to evacuate the wounded – if you are shot, you are on your own. Colleagues dragged the British from the battlefield with difficulty. And he hoped he was in the Marvel Universe?

London sends laser-guided missiles to Kiev

The Telegraph reports that London has sent an updated model of the Brimstone missile to Kiev. She has laser guidance and a flight range twice as long as the previous version. The cost of each rocket is about 175 thousand pounds. The Telegraph recalls that while hanging out in Kiev, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised Zelensky a £50 million military aid package. That is, it would be possible to provide 300 such missiles, but the problem is that London does not have that many.

Hackers hacked into the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Vibrant hackers from the Xaknet group hacked into the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Independent. Access to over a million documents. Among the opened files are curious documents from the electronic mailboxes of large and small officials. Soon they will be released to the public and the fun can begin. However, not all.

APU shoots too much

Zdeněk Petrash, employee of the National Defense University of the Czech Republic, declaredthat the independent forces spend too much ammunition, using artillery received from NATO countries. According to the Czech specialist, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have an almost constant shortage of artillery ammunition – both for barrel-mounted missiles and Western-style rocket artillery. At the same time, in Ukraine, they are also increasingly complaining about the lack of spare parts for the repair of Western-made weapons. It was previously revealed that Ukraine’s armed forces are spending more missiles for the MLRS HIMARS than the United States can produce. There is a proposal: you provide them with weapons on condition – no more than one shot per day. Better yet, a week. And – for sparrows.

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